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  1. Hi Nidecker, Thank you four your reply, I really appreciate it. I have now updated the radio with an Alpine head unit that will allow me to use Android auto. Everything is now working apart from one problem. On an outgoing phone call I am not getting a ringback, it is silent until the person I am Calling answers and then we can hold a conversation. incoming calls work normally. It also happens when the phone is not connected to Android Auto and only Bluetooth. Cheers John
  2. Thanks Robert, Yes it certainly runs well and is very tidy but being a 2011 I do expect there will be some problems that will occur that is normal . I have already put one post on the kluger section regarding google maps and radio so hopefully someone can enlighten me. Cheers JohnGC
  3. Thanks Campbean, I did get all the history and owner manuals with the Kluger but will still do as you have suggested. I was told it has just been serviced but I am going to take it to my trusted service garage and get it checked over again and will get the the trans oil checked and changed if required. kms is 118000 and runs very smooth so fingers crossed.
  4. HI guys, Found the Hyundai i30 painful to get into with back problems so decided to get a 2011 Kluger KXR AWD last week. Always did enjoy driving larger vehicles and this is a pleasure to drive. Pleased to join the forum with people who have the same interest.
  5. HI, just became the owner of a 2011 Kluger KXR awd and would appreciate if any one can help with following problem. Thanks to the forum I have found out how to connect my Samsung A30 phone to the radio by bluetooth. I am now able to make & receive phone calls with the audio through the radio speakers. I have tried all the settings I could find to obtain audio from Google maps on my phone through the car speakers without any success,I am missing something and wondered if any members with the same set up could help. Unfortunately no manual for the radio was with the vehicle. Cheers Jo

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