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  1. Hi all, I have owned Previa's, Tarago's and now have a 2000 Estima - V6, MCR40, 200k, grey market import from Japan, I bought it in 2014 in QLD. It's in very nice condition and has been a champ, but recently has developed an issue that I have not been able to solve and I'm hoping you're collective wisdom will help... I've had this issue for several months now and it's getting worse: The engine light comes on intermittently, but usually after about 20 minutes of driving. It does not flash. The light sometimes goes off, and comes back on later. When the ELO the car loses power and sputters a bit - it has the feel of not enough fuel. When the accelerator is pressed - it stutters briefly, but then accelerates just fine. But if I hold at any speed, it sputters. So, I took it to my local Toyota dealer to have the OBD codes read, but they were useless. They said that it's too old and a grey market import so they could not get any info from the car. I'm thinking that since the car runs fine until ELO that it's most likely a sensor gone bad, but which one? and maybe it's something else? Questions: 1) Is there an OBD2 code reader that can interface with this vehicle? 2) Anyone had similar issues? How did you solve it? Any guesses as to what the problem is? All thoughts appreciated Cheers, Thomas