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  1. I Have just purchased a 2021 285kw Supra, which is of course, an exceptional vehicle. However, one issue that I seem to have is that the indicators are very hesitant to cancel when lane changing on motorways. They seem to need a far greater steering input to cancel than does my Aurion Presara. Is this just a BMW thing. Have any other Supra owners noticed this hesitation in indicators cancelling ? Apart from that issue this car is motoring heaven and 6.5 litres per 100 ks on a run. Thanks Greg
  2. I am intending to buy a Supra GR GTS 2021 once the creature ie released in Australia and have downloaded an owners manual from a US site. However, I can not work if it is possible to set the level of traction control and stability control applied in the sports setting. So from existing GTS owners is it possible to set stability and traction control levels in Sports mode.
  3. For those interested there are some great road tests of the new 2021 285kw Supra on American web sites via Youtube. I note that all the testers spend lots of time laughing due to the exhilaration of driving the 2021 car.
  4. Hi Guys and Girls, Virginia and I presently live in Qld and own an absolutely brilliant Aurion Pressra, however since Virginia and I retired we have lived all over the world and Australia for the last 18 years. Of course this means driving all over Europe and cruising my Paris based hire car at 175 kilometres an hour on German Autobahns. I was not willing to go any faster as I did not know what speed the French tires were rated to. We are now settled in an apartment in Broadbeach and are intending to add a Supra GR GTS 2021 to our garage when the new 285kw version is available later
  5. Thanks. It just seemed so strange with over 70 coming onto the secondhand market within a few months. Boy are the owners of those secondhand cars going to take a large loss of cash. If the new version can really do 0 to 100 in around 3.8 secs then its a really cheap super car. Cheers Greg
  6. I presently drive an absolutely brilliant Toyota Aurion Pressara and am intending to add a 2021 Supra GTS to my garage when the new 285 kw model is released later this year. Now a question to fellow Toyota enthusiast. On my reading, and sitting in the car many times, the new Supra GTS is a brilliant car for the price and the new 285kw model will be an easy Porsche beater, and for only $100,000+ Now, what I do not understand is why there are over 70 2019 Toyota Supra GTS's languishing on the secondhand market. Am I missing a failing in the new Supra or did present owners just buy

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