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  1. Our car is parked up, pretty close to home. My partner was stopped at a light, she accelerated to get going and and the car wouldn't and then it lurched forward, then it whined a bit as it got up to road speed. It seemed fine at road speed, but next time she slowed up for a roundabout the noise and resistance kept going so she pulled over. I moved it forward 2 car lengths, slowly I couldn't hear a noise, it feels like the handbrake is on? No warning lights are on, the brakes didn't seem stuck, they where not overly hot. As I'm writing this, i feel like its gearbox related but I'm after some advice to see if I can bring it home without doing more damage?
  2. Good evening, I've just joined the forum, i had a quick look and couldn't find any relevant posts, so i thought i would ask. I've got a 2014 rav 4 2.4, with the auto tail gate, it's been a drama since i bought the car, on a good day it stops when opening an closing, on a bad day it refuses to open. I'm patient with it and never force it, i was wondering if any had any tips to fix it? i am assuming it needs the struts replaced....they seem expensive, and honestly i would probably prefer swap them out for manual struts if that's possible ? I've also got a leaking water pump, i mean im assuming its the pump, it's a common problem with them? the coolant is hitting the belt and going everywhere. are they hard to replace ? anything out of the ordinary with them? thanks in advance Jonathan

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