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  1. Hi, I had a similar thing with an Isuzu trooper (holden Jackeroo ish), the issue identified itself when the turbo Karked it! Ive also had loose hoses and that just sounded like rushing air escaping. I think I'd be checking bearing movement as well just to be sure.
  2. Hi all, how is everyone? First post so here goes. I have recently acquired a 1982 Hilux single cab LN46 2.2 as a fire putter-outerer for the house, and has a fuel issue. The old girl ticks over but wont (always) rev up. I can get it to rev up with lots of kind words and about half an hour, but if the revs drop back to tick over it wont rev back up. I have replaced the fuel filter housing as it was leaking badly through the primer pump, and replaced the fuel hoses with clear plastic pipe (for diagnostic purposes). Initially there was a lot of air returning back to the tank, but that has almost subsided now, every now and again I will get a very fine shower of bubbles through the hose when pushing on the primer pump. Has anyone had this or fixed it (hoping a fix rather than replacement)? I am wondering if theres an O ring or seal inside the FIP that might be the cause, or I could even be way off. The old lass is perfect for what I want to do with it so Id love to get right into it and fix er up. So thanks for you time and hope to speak to you soon.