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  1. thanks for ya help hit lift again 2 days ago and did hit very strong again in second gear
  2. Thanks guys will look into it. I've bought the about a month ago from a dealership from hills motor group dont know if you may saw it on gumtree or Facebook its the that was priced for i think 9grand perhaps. Since then I haven't serviced the car as it hadn't reached the 180k mark but the oil is fine
  3. thanks for the info but lift does indeed activate after about 6000rpm, but my case is that it didn't hit strong as ever like last time
  4. last week right after i fueled up my car i decided to floor it from 1st and 2nd and when it lift it hit really strong and jerked me back to my seat and at that the time my engine was warmed up. week later i try to to do the same thing and the lift didnt feel strong like it did the last time. the engine was both warmed up each time i hit lift. is there similar problems that had happend to anyone else before? i have an 205 corolla sportivo with 179000k's and fully stock

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