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  1. zammo040

    runs rough

    Hi all .. i have a 2007 hilux which no one can seem to fix its problem ... the car will run great and the next time i go to start it it will run as rough as .. blow a heap of smoke until i quickly shut it off ... i would then let it sit for a bit before i go to start it ... and then it will run fine .. it has new injectors , new common rail , fuel pump tested etc ... has anyone come across this problem .. can it be something electrical .. any advise would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hi all ... got a 2007 hilux which had a water leak at the turbo inlet pipe ... had the turbo removed and the mechanic found that the pipe had a small crack in it .. replaced pipe , the leak has stopped now the puffs out white smoke out the exhaust and its using coolant ... any ideas

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