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  1. Looking for Roof rails for Toyota Kluger MCU28R. Can swap with the roof channels I have for those who want to do a roof rail delete. Sydney based.
  2. Looking for Roof rails for Toyota Kluger MCU28R. Can swap with the roof channels I have for those who want to do a roof rail delete. Sydney based.
  3. Hi Marllon, I'd be interested to know also for reference though things are usually a lot dryer here in Australia. What wheels and tyres do you have on your car? I'm usually on the Toyota Nation Gen 1 Highlander forum which is more active for our cars. You might get more responses over there.
  4. Just got back after driving 600km on freeway and very bad country road (aptly named the Buckets Way) while towing a boat. There's very slight rub from the front right wheel on the plastics and on the frame(?) when at full hard lock turning left (see photo). It could even be the whiskers on the new tyres which are rubbing and not the tyre itself as there are no marks on the tyre. There's about 20mm gap between the tyre and plastics on the front also at full lock (see photo).
  5. No. I'll try and get some pix soon with clearances.
  6. Here you go. Just got this done. Tyre size is 245/65/17.
  7. In reply to my own post I got a set of 17" rims off a 2nd gen Kluger. Everything matches including offset. The rims came with 265/65 AT tyres which fit on the front of the car but touch the base of the lower spring perch of the struts on the rears. (Seems the rear struts are about 2" shorter...)Anyway I didn't want to have tyres that wide so will go to 245/65.
  8. In reply to my own post I took my car to JM Autoair solutions in Campsie. They found the issue which only required a new compressor rather than a complete repalcement of the whole aircon system as suggested elsewhere. Saved me about $1,500 so very pleased.
  9. Bad news...due to a worn or damaged inner bearing the AC compressor should be replaced on my Kluger. There may be some fragments in the condenser so its recommended to change that too. All up = $$$ Would a fellow member have a recommendation for an AC specialist for Toyotas in Sydney? And then a recommendation for one which is gentle on the cost? On a previous car I had a remanufactured compressor installed and that worked great for 8 years. I'll do the same or just a second hand one. The alternative is to do it myself by sourcing the parts and then have it regased by a professional. I have the time and can deal with nuts and bolts but reading the Haynes manual it states the system is under high pressure and to discharge the system first. I have no wish to spread pollutants in the air or on the ground. I'm assuming special tools are required which makes the work beyond my capacity? Cheers
  10. I've just got myself a low km 2006 Kluger with the 16x6.5" basic steel wheels. I've been looking for a set of factory alloy wheels in either 16" or 17" to replace them and found a set from a later model Kluger in 17x7.5". The PCD is the same but I haven't gotten my head around the offset requirements so am unsure if the 17" will fit? I was hoping a member might be able to clarify for me, or otherwise refer me to a resource on the net? Also would the 7.5" width be to large for the car I have? Thanks!

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