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  1. Update time, sry it took me so long.....anyway, the cause of the 'clack' noise is the serpentine belt tensioner, put a brand new one on. No more 'clack' ! 20210121_170305.mp4
  2. Thanks for your input. Anyway, I have alr order parts from toyota and they are on the way. I will be doing a timing chain, water pump, serpentine belt, timing chain cover and valve cover gasket replacement in december. I will do my best to try and document everything when I fix my car. Cheers.
  3. sry man I mean in kilometres. My mistake 😕. Yeah it is an Australian model.
  4. The last service was 213k miles (3k miles ago). The previous owner had always serviced the vehicle with penrite fully synthetic 5W-30 oil.
  5. I pulled the valve cover off and checked for slacks. 20201025_135114.mp4 20201025_154250_672914058137921.mp4
  6. I do know that the vehicle has been service regularly before I bought it.
  7. Engine has 216k miles. 20201022_205413_589650846260360.mp4 20201023_182826_617569300519161.mp4

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