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  1. Hello everyone, My rear LH brake light wasn't working, so I changed the bulb. Now it is dimmer. Closer inspection shows its a two filament bulb and the wrong filament seems to be lighting up. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the heads up! Might be able to get a bit of a lift as the current springs are original and probably sagged a bit, plus king springs are quality
  3. Hey everyone, I have a 2004 Corolla Ascent Wagon ZZE122R 220,000ks, and was looking at it's possible to life the suspension as I do a fair bit of driving out in the sticks where an couple of inches of extra clearance would be appreciated. If not, is it possible to get stiffer rear suspension as under load it tends to get fairly low. Would either of these options be possible? Cheers, Hugh

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