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  1. Hi Folks, I think I'm posting this in the right place *mods move if not* But I'm just keen to see if there are any other AE112 Sportivo owners out there. Thanks in advance
  2. Just thinking out loud - if you could track down a sportivo VIN and take that to Toyota you might have some luck...?
  3. So, my precious little ROL14 decided to through some scary lights on my dash in the way of an ABS and brake system warning light. Upon investigation with a generic scan tool, found a LHR wheel speed sensor 'switch malfunction'. My question to yáll is this - Has anyone replaced one of these before and if so - what kinda price should I be paying for a sensor??? I will be ringing Toyota to confirm but just thought I'd run it past you folks to get the general idea of what I'm up against. Thanks folks
  4. ROL14

    ACA23R Vs ACA33R

    Good Morning folks, I'm looking at purchasing a Rav4 and am just doing some research on the internet and comparing the two models (mentioned above). I was wondering if any current owners (or previous) could help me with a couple of things. Are these models chain or belt driven and what are they like on fuel being 2.4L and constant 4x4??? Do they infact run the same engine as the Camry of the same era? I'm looking at updating from the Sportivo to something a little more family orientated maybe, and something thats comfy to take the family and little Jack Russell away for the weekend and do s
  5. Being braver doesn't mean doing it better... :-P Sorry Danny, any chance I get I need to pay ya out sweetie. But you know I love your car huni, and I especially love driving it. What are my chances of getting some alone time with Stella one day??? ;-P
  6. I probably should have done this like ages ago, but congrats on the new car. She's so beautiful. Would love to go for a ride in her one day, if I ever can drag my ***** out again... lol
  7. Saturday is the 15th luv... Do you mean the Thursday 13th???
  8. is blown away by this new site!!!

  9. Yep, saw you there too, that was me :-) I had my partner down from up north with his Sprinter (ODV51)and so we were making sure we got some runs together too, but next time hey, come and say hi and we'll work on lining up together!!
  10. ROL14


    Don't you have the aurion anymore?????? Is the blue one gone??? Pics of new sticker:
  11. ROL14


    Put a sticker in her today... Got a COROLLA sticker made, a big one, for the windscreen. I'll post a pic up when I get a decent one!!
  12. I had my car broken into in the city a couple of years ago, thats why I'm always a bit worried, I think maybe I'll skip dinner and meet you guys at the loop. As long as thats not gonna ruin my secret santa thing though :-(
  13. Put a sticker on the front windscreen... Will post a pic soon when I've got one!
  14. I'm just not too keen on parking in the streets of the city unattended for and hour and a half on a Saturday night, I've been bitten before :-( Hence why I was asking if any knew of anything other than on the streets...
  15. Can someone please tell me about the parking situation there at Adelaide Street. I know where the shop is we're going but I"m not familiar with the amount of nearby parking...??? I've googled it and there's not much too local by the looks, so where do you guys all park when you go there??

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