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  1. Thanks for suggesting. 8 weeks delivery time ex-Japan. Will continue to search.
  2. Replacements are proving hard to find. Nothing in stock in the whole land for genuine ones. Wondering if they are just mild steel studs and a generic of the right diameter, length and thread pitch would suffice? Will do some measuring tomorrow. Last resort will be to find a wreck and strip them out. Not my first choice, But at least I am well practiced at removing them. If I have to go down this route, it won't be with vice grips. It will be with a proper stud extractor or the two nut technique.
  3. Studs removed. Vice grips did the job. No evidence of thread lock, but they still needed the vice grips to get them moving. Now just trying to locate replacements.
  4. The car in question is a 1994 build. Am also wondering if it is possible to replace the 2 studs that locates the thermostat housing and the retaining nuts screw on to. Have seen some diagrams that indicate these are separate parts to the water inlet housing. Or does that require special tools and it is easier to just replace the entire water inlet housing?
  5. I need to replace the thermostat in a 4AFE and am wondering what the correct specifications/dimensions for these are. My local Toyota dealer does not have any in stock at the moment. Checking aftermarket options to suit the 4AFE, I see different physical specifications between different manufacturers. Some have 29mm foot size, whilst others have 27.7mm foot size. Variations in foot-to-flange height also exist in these aftermarkets ones, some 35mm, others 34mm. Does anyone have knowledge on what the correct dimensions are for the thermostat as if I am forced to go with an aftermarket o

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