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  1. google play and maps will have to updated to work, for the gps that is also, mobile hotspot the better method if possible, it needs to connect to the internet. Radio I am unsure, did the unit come with a manual with instructions for using the units operating system? Can you scroll down from the top - swipe down, there is a warning from the unit a explanation marked triangle, it should tell you what the error is
  2. Hi Rick, looks like a antenna for wifi or blue tooth, do not earth it to chassis as I presumed it may have to be, I was forgetful in my analysis, the parking brake or brake labelled wire should be grounded to chassis for more functionality, normally a pink wire. I would leave it alone, should be o.k.
  3. I just noticed that the antenna for the radio is hooked up from the wiring, I did not do this and the plug went from the car to the unit directly, as you know your gps antenna needs to connect and be firm on the fitting. Good job Rick.
  4. Well done Rick, your almost there, I was the same with a lot of sub out connectors also unattached, the blue bulb? I am not sure of, it is not obvious in the picture, I do remember that one was reverse ( yours may be back) which I put in another earth to chassis, attached to an crimp able fitting with a hole in it for a bolt to go though, this earth was then bolted back in with the stereo (10mm bolts) with this you then can watch movies as you are driving otherwise properly its connected to the foot brake and won't let you watch a lot of stuff because you are not stationary with the vehicle.
  5. Hey Rick, the light blue effect is the surround of the unit cooling (heat sink), see the larger grooves in the upper edges, the unit is alot smaller than the screen, only protruding into the cars recess nearly half or less of what came out ( the old head unit ). This part of the new unit is the brain behind the screen and the connector for the wiring harness to go to the car, including on mine, usb connectors that go through to the glove box, gps antenna, which I hid under my dash mat, cable coming out above the air vent. And all the connectors for power steering wheel control etc going to t
  6. Honestly Rick, I reckon you could have a good go yourself, although with my unit the stock reversing camera was not compatible with my head unit, the supplier included a replacement one, if you want the stock one take it in to be professionally installed as the stock camera works at a lower voltage, around 6 volts not 12 volts required to trigger the reverse cam on the new unit. I seem to be contradicting myself again, its totally up to you what happens, just saying its not rocket science or brain surgery.
  7. Hi Rick that unit looks nearly identical to mine, as in my post the unit arrived with three wiring harnesses, that is from the unit to my cars wiring, I chose the one that had most of the correct connections, steering wheel controls work from this wiring, just need programming from when the unit has powered up and inside a setting menu. You can do this yourself following online guides, beware of scratching the plastics and use a softer plastic knife or utensil to prise out certain fittings, 10mm socket and your there. Rick what spec is your unit Gb of ram and rom? I also used
  8. Thank you Luke for that info, I attempted this and then emailed the seller, he may provide a firmware upgrade as he has indicated. The wifi was connected for 40 minutes to my home wifi with the car in the driveway and it still did not update apps on google play. I had to disable the home wifi connection and tether my mobile internet to the head unit to get progress on the updating. Yes my unit is a octo core although it still takes it time booting up, and if you reverse the car before it boots the head unit resets. Very frustrating. Thanks for all the great comments / responses to
  9. One problem is that the google play is not allowing me to log in as it throws an error, will try to fix tomorrow, if not will email the supplier for fix. The radio is clear and the bluetooth connected to my phone though have not made a call yet. It looks better but will see if it lasts. Dan..
  10. The new unit was then physically mated to the climate control and then wired up, it was fairly easy apart from the reversing camera, pulling out plastic running the wire from rear to front. The new unit had three harnesses to choose from to use. One to ISO , and two others, one I used as it fitted most of the plugs to the wiring in the vehicle. the steering wheel controls work, after setting and so does the new reverse camera
  11. I got the news this morning that my heat unit was arriving, so I stripped down the appropriate plastic and removed the stereo, then waited for 4 hours for the delivery to actually arrive, with the car apart. I bought prior to install the 'better' 4gb ram 64 gb rom android 10 head unit gps, bluetooth wifi mirroring etc. And I got a Aeropro cable for the reversing stock reversing camera. I was a bit annoyed this morning when the package was opened and the cable was in two not one pieces. Anyway it was never required or would even plug into the harness of my vehicle. Don't waste your money o
  12. Thanks to all for the responses, I told the wife today about the upgrade and she is not impressed for the wrong 'real' reasons. It may arrive this week or early next due to postage delays. Looking forward to the challenge of installing, and setting up. I hope I have all the cables, as the head unit is steering wheel learning ready, and I bought an Autopro video retention cable for the stock camera to still work, even though in the package a new reverse camera is included, and that the stock system uses a 6 volt trigger rather than 12 volt for the camera to be functional. I have looked into a s
  13. Thanks for the quick response 'campbeam', I have seen your signature on many many posts and this shows again that you and this forum are still very active. I have been changing the oil before the 15,000 klm mark well and truly, with penrite HPR5, and ryco filter cartridge, made the mistake of not oiling the lowest o ring for the oil filter and now can remove the housing with a 3/8th drive without the filter tool at the drainer plug, don't worry I fix it next time. My Aurion has the smart bar on the front making it quite the long cruiser she is, adds a least half a foot to the length
  14. Hello everyone in the forum, this is my first post and my first post in a while in any forum. My name is Daniel in Western Australia owning a 2010 Aurion as in title for about 2 and a half years now. I am very pleased with the purchase and find driving the Toyota very pleasant. As in on past vehicles I have performed a lot of service maintenance and minor upgrades myself, and are now on the Aurion. I firstly for the kick in acceleration put in a K&N air filter, as if the Aurion does not have enough already. After doing over 100,00klms in here a while now I changed all spark plugs to N

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