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  1. Do you have a clip of the sound by any chance? Also, how is this less restrictive than the stock airbox setup?
  2. So do you want to do mine next? lol Looks great though! Love how thorough you were with the clean!
  3. I wondered this for ages until someone pointed out to me that it's the intake on these cars. They said it gets louder when you add a pod filter instead. Either that or you accidently bought a TRD with a smaller supercharger belt. hahaha. But check little things, are there non-toyota wheels on the back, that might be rubbing? (happened to me when I bought my Oreo. Last owner put some massive bogan wheels on, and they were so wide that when accelerating, the weight shift to the back caused them to rub and chafe inside the guard. When I eventually bought genuine Toyota Aurion ones it
  4. Hey mate, did you ever find out the answer to this?
  5. Cheers for the link. I'll give it a lookie!
  6. Hey Prodigy, Sorry for the 6 year necro, but did you end up going through with this? What did it turn out like? How much did it cost? Looking at getting my Oreo sounding a bit more beefy and sporty. Just not sure what path to take without doing a muffler delete. I was thinking a catback exhaust with a high flow cat, but I like the idea of a Varex muffler (so if my family drive it, they can drive it quietly). Thanks.

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