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  1. Hi all i decided to swap all the fuses in ny 09 corolla with brand new ones as there were a few blown ones and some were very dirty and looked burnt so thought ide just save a headache down the track and replace all the fuses with brand new fuses and now the headache has come after replacing all the fuses under the bonnet and under the passenger side glovebox area i put my key in and turn my key to start it and to my surprise I have no reds nothing at all poping up on the dash at all but my engine fan comes on. I have tripple checked all fuses and there all fine I'm at a loss so any help would
  2. Hi all I have finnally worked out the no spark issue with my 2009 corolla the ecu is gone my question is can I just get another ecu from a wreckers and plug and play or is there a bcm that has to be changed to and reprogram the key any help would be great thanks.
  3. Hi all im new to this forum so please bear with me. I have 2009 toyota corolla I have just put a new engine in it and finished it all off today I go to start it up and it's just turning over but not starting. I've checked things and I'm not getting any spark at all from any of the 4 plugs at all I have swapped all the sensors from the old motor to see if that changed it still the same no spark from any 4 plugs. I have tripple checked wiring plugs all seemed to be plugged it has got me stuffed and I'm at a loss now so I've come here hoping someone here can shed some light for me. Thanks and muc

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