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  1. Very interesting 🤔 As a matter of fact I had a Viofo A119 V3 fitted about 12 months ago. It has a hardwired kit installed for parking mode so is always on standby.
  2. Thanks so much for your reply Tony. That's interesting, you say that the receiver may be behind the rear bumper. When I stand 10-15m behind the car, the doors unlock with the remote. I just assumed that the receiver was in the dashboard or engine bay, so I normally point the remote in that direction when I stand next to the driver's door. I'll have a look at cleaning the receiver and do some research on EMF. Thanks again.
  3. My 2008 Aurion touring has developed a strange problem with the central locking. I had noticed over a period of weeks that on most occasions the doors would not unlock when the unlock button was pressed on the remote. The battery in the remote tested OK but I replaced it with a new one anyway. That didn't fix the problem so I dug out the spare remote and installed a new battery but the problem persisted. I should mention that there is no problem locking the doors or opening the boot with both remotes. Today I accidentally discovered that both remotes will unlock the doors most of the tim
  4. I have since downloaded a diagram from Toyota Aurion Workshop Manual 2006 - 2012 XV40 Free Factory Service Manual (allcarmanuals.com) Fingers crossed.
  5. Thank you so much Tony. I did find the video by DJKOR on YouTube but I can't see if he is using a lever in his right hand. My console certainly doesn't want to pop out that easily. I was planning to tap the power for a roof mounted light bar but perhaps I'll just run the wiring to the fuse box underneath the glove box.
  6. G'day all. Newbie here. I did search the forum without result before posting. I need to remove the complete map light/sunglasses unit in a 2008 Aurion to tap the power. I found a video on YouTube where a guy easily removes it by hand from the bottom. Mine feels like something will break if I force it which is not what I want to do.

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