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  1. Thank you luckily wife works right near Toyota booking in tomorrow get in as soon as we can and thanks for.yohr advise. We were going by the manual majority of its life fairly firmly so we will be making sure its every 4-5000 K like you have said. I love the car as a car to drive and really don't want to sell as it's such a nice to drive.
  2. Hi all, I have a 2012 build Nov 2011 Toyota Aurion atx I have been have some issues with lately we have had it regularly serviced but missed a service by 2000k. Whenever we do long trips of over 200k and it sits over night the next day when started it puffs out White smoke from exhaust with a strong oil smell. I have checked the dip stick and oil levels fine. Coolant level fine and don't seem to be having any water coming from the exhaust. I am concerned as to what it is as I have taken it to Toyota and to another mechanic and both have said it's probably just some excess sludg

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