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  1. thanks guys. My 'trusted mechanic' who is a serious Toyota/Lexus enthusiast suggested that I actually utilise Toyota Dealership's services for the fixed discounted service period (think 1st 3 yrs) just in case anything went wrong. After all, lemons can appear from any 'car manufacturing tree'. He's the type of guy to let go of $ as he's got clients interests in mind. He also looks after several friends/family & has super abrasive opinions about some car brands. Had the feeling that I should just go with the guy anyway. Just looking for some 'reassurance' as wanting to avoid nasty surprises. Think I'll just waive that extended Toyota mechanical warranty & just get him to service the car from now on :)
  2. heya, Just wondering is it worth doing the major service at a Toyota dealership to maintain the extended mechanical warranty. Haven't had any issues so far & after all, its a Camry. Basically just wondering if there were any mechanical issues to look out for & figure lots of you know a lot more than me re- this. My trusted local mechanic actually recommended I put the question out there in this forum. Any input would be really appreciated.

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