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  1. I guess the special additive is Unicorn Tears.
  2. Thanks guys. Thanks for the resources. I think I'm going to use 80w90 GL-5 for the diffs and transfer case and 75w90 GL-4 for the tranny. I can't believe the price difference! I can buy 5L of 80w90 for a couple of dollars more the 946ml of 75w90. But its cheaper than replacing the transmission.
  3. Thank you everyone. I will do my homework. They don't sell Penrith oils here. I didn't get an owners manual with the truck, so I am looking for one of those as well. I checked the Penrite website and my year and model is not listed. So I will check several different models that are close to mine and then cross reference with similar products available in Canada.
  4. Hello, I'm new to this forum. I'm Mike from Southampton, Ontario, Canada. I have a 1999 LN166 Hilux with the 3L 2.8D Non-turbo diesel engine. I want to change the oil in the front and rear differentials, the tranny and the transfer case. Would 80W-90 work for the diffs? The tranny? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, for some reason Haynes Australia won't send the manual for my model. I would have to purchase the pdf. I'm kinda old school and like having the actual book. Is there a market place in this forum? Cheers, Mike
  5. https://hdautomotive.com.au/product/2l-3l-5l-turbocharger-kit-basic/ Or https://www.berrimadiesel.com/products-services/diesel-turbo-systems/turbo-system-toyota/turbo-system-toyota-hilux-3l-2.8lt-kit Or A red stripe down the side.

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