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  1. Try pressing the auto button, it's on the lower right corner when your front camera screen is on.
  2. The Koba model has 360 degree vehicle views,the cameras for this system are in the exterior mirrors and are in the place of the down lights. You can't have both, I prefer the 360 views any day over the chr down lights.
  3. I think they are both under the same voice control, but obviously voice for navigation would only come on when you are using the navigation feature, and that's when you would want it.
  4. Can they be turned off in the settings? Mine decides to go off track sometimes, saying I'm driving through back yards instead of on a major road that has been there for twenty plus years. Dealership cannot find any faults.
  5. Have the same car and request as Jane. Unfortunately the "vehicle option" as shown in the corolla utube is greyed out and all those customised options are not available. A car at this price point shouldn't have scrimped on this fundamental option specifically since it is available on other car models with much the same set-up and the Koba is top of the range. Very disappointed.

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