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  1. So Nullarbor plain be useful on there
  2. Well I guess I will be comfortable sitting on 100 110km I don't use cruise control much do these things being used come into play.
  3. I've had my Aurion for a couple of months and I've always put the 98 Premium Unleaded in ! Is this the best fuel for this car I previously had a VF Commodore and always put it in that. Cheers Ben
  4. I've only used it a few times but the sport select what's it all about it seems unnecessary to have
  5. 70 litres the Aurion holds I'm planning a interstate trip to Queensland from Melbourne How far would a full tank get me
  6. So what is this device
  7. Hello I recently bought a 2009 Toyota Aurion Touring I love the car but I don't think it has Bluetooth or a Aux Cable input can someone help me.
  8. How many kms will 7 litres get me in a Aurion.
  9. Here's a question I think we've all wondered just what is the expected distance can a Toyota Aurion Engine do is 340.000 a million I'd like to hear from you all
  10. I think alot of people underestimate the Toyota Aurion and Altise Ive always had Holdens a VF GTS and I used to laugh at them but now I own one I got to say there unreal
  11. I've recently bought a 2009 Toyota Aurion Touring model it's great car no problems only thing I've noticed is when I'm doing about 55 60kms it seems to have trouble getting into gear Has anyone else experienced this
  12. Does your Aurion have the sports select transmission 6 speed ?

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