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  1. Ok cool there is a SKF nearby so ill try them.
  2. Hi all I need to look into buying bearings for my 7th gen, id pefer OEM if i can get my hands on them (yes they will be pricer but they should last as long as the existing ones im replacing) I have found afew websites that apparently sell OEM bearings but before i do buy id like to make sure that the part No is the same no matter which country its bought from Items 5 (bearing) and 6 (ring snap) would be what im after
  3. SX manual, i changed the stock rims afew years after i bought the car
  4. yes I have some Picts, some are old but i can take new ones though not much has changed on it since my last addition pretty much gave her a new exhaust, rims, head unit, front speakers and put sound deadener in. I’ve had to change the clutch, lock actuator on passenger side door and starter motor but otherwise the rest of her is stock. i had her outside shell completely repainted in 2018 kept her white though. The two photos below are of her before she had her new paint job in 2018, ill get a more recent pict when i take her out today
  5. I bought my celica in nov 2004, it only had 40k on the clock, Im the second owner and dont want to ever sell the car - i know people who have sold their celica and regreted it, also i still get comments from people asking if i would trade my car for theirs - im like lol yeah keep dreaming cheers for the welcomes guys 🙂
  6. Solarblu here, joined this foum as ozcelica is kinda a ghost town

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