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  1. Hey Tony, thanks very much for your reply. No unfortunately the auto electrician wasn't forthcoming with any information or explanation as to how he reached his diagnosis. I think it may have just been the easiest/ quickest option for him, regardless of cost. Yes I'll certainly go ahead and get a second opinion, thanks. There hasn't been any collision repairs done recently, but I guess there would be a possibility that loose wires could be causing the problem, especially since both doors failed at the same time. My son-in-law is handy with a multi meter, and he owes me a favour lol. I
  2. Hey guys, I'm a newbie here... hoping someone can help me shed some light on a problem that I'm having with the central locking system on my 2014 Corolla Ascent Hatchback. Both the 2 front doors stopped responding to the key fob remote at the same time. Neither of the front doors will lock/unlock using the remote, but the 2 rear doors and the hatchback are still working fine with the remote. Has anyone had a similar problem and how did you fix it please? I took the car to an auto electrician today, who charged me $83 for a quote... he wants to replace both front door lock

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