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  1. Sorry got the page numbers mixed up in the second instance it should be page 87 (labelled SE-81).
  2. Tony and Ash Many thanks again for your kind help. My Aurion has a fixed type seat with the armrest w cup holder in the middle. The pdf is extremely useful. Interesting on p 83 (labelled SE-77) step 4 (b) states "Remove the 4 bolts and rear seat back assembly" without mention of any hooks 🙂. But the 3 hooks are clearly shown in a representation of the back of the back rest pad on page 81 (labelled SE-87)! I will now try to apply targeted force (with swear words as suggested!). I will also check if the armrest insert is somehow obstructing the seat back as Ash has suggested. BTW in the meanti
  3. Thanks a lot. Will wait for further info. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for responding so quickly. I have searched deeply on the internet and watched countless videos on YouTube including this one. The seat removal for the Aurion Touring seems not to be specifically covered anywhere in detail that is required. I have looked up the corresponding US manual and it simply says remove the 4 bolts and remove the seat back! The ID of the car is Toyota Camry / Aurion - GSV40R-JETDKQ complectation - Auto parts (epc-data.com). I looked at the rear seat diagram at Rear seat & seat track for Toyota Camry / Aurion GSV40R - Auto parts (epc-data.com) but I cannot fig
  5. Hi I changed the front struts on my Aurion Touring 2011 yesterday without major hiccups 🙂. I am now in the middle of changing the rear struts. This needs the rear seat to be removed which is proving difficult. So far I have removed the back seat and the 4 bolts at the bottom of the back rest. However, the backrest seems to be attached at the top and no amount of pushing it up (assuming there are hooks at the back) works. Note: This particular backrest is not the reclining type, it is the one-piece type with an arm rest / cup holder in the middle which folds out. Can so

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