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  1. Ok, just updating my own response here in case. I brought my keys to Mister Minit today. Battery was not an issue. It was the actual remote inside my key. They offered to make a custom key fob for me. I said no. Now I just need to source out an OEM sportivo remote.......
  2. Calling the attention of sportivo owners and audiophiles! Last night I bought a bone stock '05 tivo. I think it's in 'ok' nick considering it's dones 185xxx kms on the clock. Obviously the OEM headunit is still attached. Does anyone have any suggestions on which headunit will fit this car? One that also provides great sound quality as well as not being 'too flashy'. My previous tivo had a really bright blue display, and driving at night it was a bit too bright for me. MUST HAVE aux input! Bluetooth is not necessary but would be nice.
  3. Thanks guys, do you think hitting LIFT at least once or twice every drive counts as thrashing?
  4. Have you always had this issue? I bought a second hand '05 tivo today in which the remote central locking wasn't working (not sure when battery was replaced). I then proceeded to try and lock it manually, but it was so stiff I thought I had the wrong key for a second! I eventually got it to work manually. Just needed some extra force was all, but not too much to snap the key in half whilst in keyhole. I guess the keyhole was stiff due to not being used for a very long time...
  5. hey sorry to hijack thread, but do you know how long these engines will last?
  6. Hey guys, I just bought my second sportivo today, my previous one I owned only lasted 2 weeks before I crashed her, so still pretty new to the 2zzge community. Both tivos I've owned are 2005 models. The previous tivo I owned already had a CAI and exhaust installed, plus a reconditioned engine and gearbox. New lift bolts, etc. I bought my last one at 180,000 kms, and now the one I bought today is sitting at around 185,000 kms. The one I bought today is bone stock N/A, even stock headunit. Now I'm just concerned with the engine reliability and longevity. Do these engines/cars have a lot of life

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