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  1. I’m so confused now too. Cos initially I was going to buy the z708, like your one, because I read that it was the correct one. but for some reason you told me to get the z646 instead for some reason and I’m glad you did otherwise I would be stuck with the z708 that doesn’t fit, not to mention all the effort of pulling apart and putting it all back together and realising it’s the wrong part. And yes it’s a 2008 xv40. Here is the pic of exact filter I bought. Once again thanks for preventing all the unnecessary headaches lol IMG_2039.MOV
  2. I was actually going to buy the filter like the one in your pic, but in the earlier replies you Told me to get the z646 instead and I did, it was the correct one. If I bought the one like yours then all that would’ve taken way more time then excepted, with the removal and installation. So thanks a lot for that and when I was talking about lubricating the gaskets, I don’t mean just the big one that sits on top, I applied engine oil to the smaller o ring gaskets inside the fuel pump and filter assembly. Their was quite a few small ones. I only applied very little though. I’m concerned the engine oil will contaminate the fuel and cause problems within the assembly and to the engine. What do you think? also if I knew about that sock I would’ve cleaned that too but I guess it’s too late now
  3. Are you talking about the largest rubber o ring on top of the fuel pump/filter assembly? It seemed fine, not brittle or cracking. From what I remember it was sitting a tiny bit above the metal flooring . Is it meant to sit perfectly flush? Also it’s not a petrol smell. Petrol has a distinctive smell to it, it’s a smell like LPG, I cannot be more clearer than that. I just had a look at the video that I followed to change the filter and it does seem the whole assembly sits just right above the metal flooring and not flush . Refer to the pic Also one more thing, I was just reading the comments on the video and he mentioned he used gas to lubricate the o rings in the assembly, I thought it was engine oil so I used that instead. How f**ked am I? i only changed the fuel filter, not the pump or anything else. And it’s the first time I changed it since I bought nearly two years ago. Don’t know the condition of the filter, I didn’t cut the fuel filter in half to inspect it
  4. Nah mate I got it sorted after changing the fuel filter. Starts up in a second now. I changed the cabin filter too to get rid of that gas smell I was mentioning earlier but the smell still comes up time to time when I’m driving hard. Look how filthy the cabin filter was
  5. Aren’t these ones the correct ones(from what I’ve gathered). They look different to the ones you provided https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/274830542508
  6. Hey mate I ordered the cabin filter and I’m waiting for it to arrive. Do you know what part number my 2008 aurion atx 3.5L petrol 2gr-fe uses for the fuel filter?Is it z708? Like a in-tank fuel filter? If so why do they make it difficult and not put those standard cylinder type fuel filters with an entry and exit in the engine bay for ease of access and replacement? Cheers
  7. Yes the car has document service history. Previous owner was first owner and she would take it to Toyota to get it serviced regularly. It’s got 173000km. And yes, that was what I was thinking. It being the fuel filter. I’ll also put petrol injector cleaner in there to see if that sorts it out. The guy at the local auto store told me that there are two different variations of the fuel filter, one being cheap and the other being like $140. Is that true? also about the fumes, why does it smell like lpg or natural gas, you know that smell when gas is leaking? Shouldn’t it smell like exhaust fumes/carbon monoxide? The only place in the car where gas is stored would be the air con system, wouldn’t it? so which parts of the boot should I look at? The only place that comes to mind is the drainage holes on the floor of the boot and the little vents on the rear bumper reo area. cheers
  8. No no. I don’t have a LPG system in my car. It just takes straight petrol.
  9. Hey guys, first time poster here and proud owner of a xv40 2008 aurion at-x I bought the car about a year and a half ago and this issue has always persisted. Pretty much >80% of the time I start the car, especially from cold start, it would take 4-5-6 seconds to start the car when turning the key. When it starts, the car seems like it’s choking but a second later goes back to normal. On the off chance, the car will turn off while choking and one crank will start it up back again. I changed the battery cause it was weak anyway and that didn’t solve the issue. I also wait maybe 5-10 seconds with the key in ON position before starting the car and this sometimes helps start it faster. The other issue I have is when I drive the car hard, as in I’m accelerating hard or very hard and revving it up as much as I can in automatic, the smell of gas or LPG overcomes the cabin and the boot space, it has that distinctive fart smell to it, and the smell is very strong that I have to drive with all the windows down for a few minutes to get rid of the smell. The car still drives fine and no performance loss whatsoever. The car is actually impressively fast. Other than that, the car is perfect. Can anyone help me resolve these two issues I’m having? Much appreciated cheers

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