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  1. Thanks for the kind words Tony. The flares, lower door molds and bumpers are painted Rav4 Eclipse metallic black. Originally I was going to paint the roof also, however, the panel shop guy talked me out of it due to the removal and replacement of so many parts of a brand new car. This included the windscreen, sunroof, tailgate and doors to do it properly.
  2. After 4 months wait and 3 weeks undertaking a few mods. I am now the proud owner of my 1st ever Toyota. I never considered a Hybrid until I started researching the market. If we like it or not hybrid/electric vehicles are here to stay and car buyers will have to get used to it. In my opinion the current Rav4 is an unbeatable package, if you can wait for it to come. However, considering they are so popular and common on the road I made some cosmetic changes to make it stand out a bit. Thanks must go to the local dealer I purchased it from as all this was done before it went through pre delivery, and even before I paid for it. A few times I thought, why am I doing this to a brand new car, but in the end I am happy with how it looks. Just off the ship Off to the panel shop That's better That's a wrap Add some tint Black out the badges Add some chrome Time to come home "Oh what a feeling"

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