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  1. disturbed your car in on the autojoy website
  2. i still am not sure how to do it :( ill pay someone to do it for me help lolol man this would be a alrite buisness :)
  3. at approximately 09:13pm great western highyway turning onto resevroir rd spotted MSQT2C black sportivo she wouldnt give it lol :)
  4. hello all just wanna know wat to use to stick my eyelids on glue or double sided tape? i used double sided tape and they cam eoff please need help thanx guys cheers omran
  5. 24 but feel like im 15 wooooohoooooooooooooooooooo
  6. 999,918 muhahahahahahahahahahaha
  7. hello wat exhaust are you using ? I WANT MORE POWER :) cheers
  8. ticket number 999,929 please proceed to counter number 5 :)
  9. monring peeps has anyone had the problem with the pocket above the ashtry being broken? i got into my car yesturday and all of a sudden it was broken when i checked it it looks like the little plastic thing is broken does anyone know if that pocket can be bought seperatly or is it one whole peice cheers