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  1. Hey guys, Back again for some advice. A few days ago (on a raining day), the front of the car/wheels started to shake violently for about 2-3 seconds when i tried to take off (just a normal tap on the acceleration) after stopping (traffic light) on a hill. It happened to me twice now at the same traffic light. No problem when i stop and start from the same street when its dry, and no problem on a flat wet surface. Only happens when the condition is wet and I accelerate from stopping on a angle/hill. The tyres have at least 50% tread. Also, how can i improve my radio signal? I've recently paid to installed one of those (doggy lol) ebay 9inch headunit...96.1 the edge fm is gone lol. The stock standard was ok 80% of the time time but with this new headunit, the edge is gone forever wherever i go...the other stations are not working as good as well while i was driving. The auto electrician said there is some kind of interference with the rear view mirror dash cam i have in the car. but when i unplug the thing it doesnt make that much of a difference. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers!
  2. Hi guys, The air con problem is fixed. Found out that the blue plug (near the foot/hand brake) was disconnected. Maybe one of the previous owners accidentally stepped on it. Just needed to plug it back in. Its working fine now! Just a quick question in regarding fuel consumption...I've been only using the car for local grocery shopping for the last couple of weeks 3-5 mins (start-stop) short trips. current fuel consumption reading is 15.5/L per 100km...I've only done 240km ish so far while using 98 with 1/4 tank to go. Is this normal for short trips only? any advise would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the advice!
  4. Hey tony, Thanks for the reply. So basically just swap one of these? Just worried the problem could be somewhere else and it wont fix the current problem. Will do some more research before I purchase one of these. Cheers!
  5. Hey guys, Just discovered a new problem with my aurion (I thought it was normal). My AC/climate control wont start until around 60 seconds after the car start up (after parking over night). And once its turned on, the settings are always random but the temperature is always set at 25 degrees. Short trips are fine, the system actually saves the settings but it resets every morning when I start driving. It seems its a pretty common problem with toyota's climate control system delay issue. How can I start DIY fix before I take it to auto electrician. I've tried some DIY research myself...but the info is just too much for me lol. Change a certain fuse, reset ecu, servo motor, assembly plate etc... Thanks in advance!
  6. Thank you all for the advise. 👍👍👍
  7. Hey guys, I've bought a 2007 aurion prodigy recently. 131,000km on the clock. Love everything about it so far. Just had a standard service (oil, filter change etc) after I bought it. Been using it for work in the last 7 days traveling 50-50 highway and urban. Current fuel usage around 9.5L per 100km (using 98 since last owner). When the fuel warning icon came up and I re-fuel the car after traveling another 2-4kms. Only ended up filling 53L worth of fuel in total before the pump stops. Is this normal? Also, I have the full logbook since the 1st owner but it doesn't have any details of what major service has been done. If I want to improve my fuel economy, should I change my spark plugs etc when my next service due at 137,000km? Thanks!

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