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  1. Yeah actually I was thinkin of getting this head unit put in! It's a Kenwood. I found this one selling at Supercheap Auto for $119.
  2. Y'all, I've found an abundance of these cassette decks on ebay, for a gen 4 Camry, but they're the American version. If I bought one of these, would it be fairly easy to install? More to the point, would it be compatible? I've got some pics below, as well as one of the donor vehicle (in a bad state).
  3. Zeus


    I took my car to an RAA repairer (her insurance was RAA) and they inspected the damage. But nothing changed. They couldn't tell who was at fault, but they thought that ether both people were at fault or I was at fault. I got a final letter from them a few months back saying "We're willing to not pursue recovery for the damage caused to our client's vehicle, however if you continue to pursue your claim for damages we will be pursuing recovery for damages together with costs." So basically they black mailed me!!! Her car was damaged but quoted at only $808. I hate the RAA! I will not let it happ
  4. Zeus


    I'm a P plater, and they always treat us like scum no matter what! That and I only had third party insurance at the time. Besides if it went the other way I would have had to pay $1,000 excess anyway. I didn't have to pay the other person, I made sure of that!
  5. Zeus


    Some of you may or may not know that I was hit back in April by this crazy b#@! Um... motorist that admitted to being at fault but told their insurance company something completely different! Anyway we're now paying for the damage ($1,320) and I will post a pic of how it looks after it's fixed, when I pick it up in a week or so.
  6. Zeus


    Does Toyota do tuning? I'm not familiar with what's involved, do they just adjust the valve clearance or something? My engine is sounding a bit rough, so I think it needs doing. How do I get my engine sounding a bit more healthy? Thanks in advance...
  7. Hey do you still have the original radio that you took out?? Because I'm really looking for the OEM deck that's from a 98-99 CSi. I'd be willing to buy it off you if it worked!
  8. Zeus

    Top Gear

    Remember when they had to convert their cars into aqua-cars? Jeremy had the Hilux and re-named it "Toyboata"! Can't remember which season it was.
  9. The answer to both questions is yes. I actually think it's fairly normal, to have a slight resistance.
  10. I've noticed for some time now that it requires a bit of force to put the transmission in park, the same with moving it out of park. I've usually just been putting it in neutral instead. Any help or advice appreciated!
  11. Zeus

    Odo readings

    Gee that's a lot of km's in such a short time!
  12. Zeus


    So do you have to buy anything extra or is it all part of getting it installed? How much is installation usually?
  13. Zeus

    Odo readings

    Now that's a good idea!
  14. Zeus

    Odo readings

    I got mine in March. I don't do very many km's.

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