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  1. Nope, if it was a cheaper car I wouldn't have a problem. All I'll say right now is they are known for engine mount failures......... Forest gump voice/ "And that's all I have to say about that" /end forest gump voice You're not the Mazda 3 MPS guy are you? Nah. What mps guy by the way ?????????? I can only afford one car at a time sorry.....
  2. What your looking for (in my mind) is a ricer alarm. Don't really care if it works, just want it to make breakfast. If you really want all the extras look at DEI (viper/hornet/etc), BUT you will pay BIG dollars for it. They are an absolute c--- to install. Every thing is controlled by external relays, and I do mean everything. To give you an idea, budget around $1,200, thats with most of the things you want installed. Personaly I would suggets a mongoose, then add one of their gsm modules (sends a message to your cell phone). Only thing you won't get is the multi channel, start/lights rubbish. But you will get a solid reliable alarm (if you get mgoose to install it) Have a look at mgoose web site. Those that I know with remote start etc soon grow out of it. Don't forget that remote start is actually illegal too.
  3. Now there's something we can all relate to... This is why I have sworn myself of new cars now.......
  4. Nope, if it was a cheaper car I wouldn't have a problem. All I'll say right now is they are known for engine mount failures......... Forest gump voice/ "And that's all I have to say about that" /end forest gump voice
  5. serious? im sure u would. just dont buy another new toyota again haha hope u and the devil have better luck next time...mmm....usually the experienced mechanices are in other places, so u should try your luck in different dealers? Think you misread my post. It is NOT a toyota I am having problems with. Current (NOT toyota) car has been to THREE dealers. None of them care or have the inteligence to think laterally. As for never buying a new car again. I just can't face the though of being 'scammed' in regards to warranties again. I'm already on anti-depresants thanks to this ****box. I won't elaborate further on my 'options' with this case. At least with a second hand car I know if I have to fix something it's my problem. That I can handle just fine. I have the knowledge and enough tools to strip/rebuild the avg car.
  6. torqueofthedevil. I know your frustration. I have a brand new car (not a toyota) that they can't fix. Even when I present logical reasoning as to why and how to fix it (and they agree with me) it still doesn't get done. I paid a premuim for a new car with a warranty that's useless. I personally won't buy a new car ever again.
  7. Not receiving power - on what wire and how did you check this ? Which fuse and how did you check it ? Crude test, disconnect the remore wire from the amp, use a short piece of wire and (on the amp) join the main power cable and remote connections together. If it turns on you have a bad remote signal. If it doesn't turn on you either have a bad earth connection, or the main power connections/fuse is faulty. Also possible is a speaker wire short that is tripping the amp into protection. Number of times I've had people say the fuse is fine and yet it wasn't is staggering.
  8. On a really tight budget I don't think you can do much better than jaycar. Get a small (4x50w) amp, spend the rest of the money on the best 6" speakers you can afford for the front. After you get an amp, the speakers will be the biggest limiting factor in the car. If you had the money I would recommend speakers like, AVI, ADS, Boston (not so great for bass), polk. Don't go for the bling rubbish sony explode, ebay junk. It'll end in tears.
  9. Amplifiers have three power terminals. Gnd -- heavy cable to cars body (negative) +12v -- heavy cable to battery positive (Please use a fuse near the battery). Rem -- Remote trigger, +12v. The 'gnd' and '+12v' are the main power source for the amplifier. The 'rem' is a low current signal from the headunit that in affect tells the amp to turn on. Same as the wire for electric antennas on most cars/radios. Does this answer your Question ? If not I can get much deeper into the tech side of it for you.......
  10. It's called 'passive arming' and 'passive locking'. Sometimes called 'last door arming'. Turn the car off, walk away, alarm will set the alarm and lock the doors.
  11. If you have a certain device it is actually easier to alter a digital odo than a mech one. There is no way of telling if it's been done. I used to do it at a previous job (legally with stat dec's etc). Took maybe 1 minute. Plug it in, tell it what you want, unplug it. As for swapping clusters, some cars have the cluster coded to the rest of the car. Swapping the cluster may stop you from starting the car altogether. There's a rumor that some dealers can reset new cars to 0 prior to delivery. Although I think it's only possible if the car only has a few (<20 ??) K's on it. Just have a look at the interior and general condition of the car in question. Jap imports are a perfect example. Cars with 50,000k and have no markings left on the ind/wiper stalks and other worn switch labels and trim. Dead give away.
  12. Bwahahahahaha. Good luck with that. ADR's cover a whole lot more than just - "it lights up". Glare, light output, visability, strength (for crashes), these are just part of the requirments. If it's so simple to get ADR approval for them, why hasn't the manufacturer/importer done it ? Sorry but it just won't happen (ADR). They (police) might overlook them, but if you get a nasty copper that's just been in a big fight with his GF, get the vassaline out fast
  13. Damn your good. Shows how observant I am. From Toyotas site; Left is Grande - Right is Sportivo.
  14. Ok so the gen6 camry brochure says that the Sportivo has "sports' headlights. What the ..... is a 'Sports' headlight ?? They look like the same unit as the other models (altise etc).
  15. Heya. Does anyone have a list of interior dimensions for the gen10 Corolla sedan and the gen6 Camry sedan ????? Thanks....