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  1. I've received some emails in regard to this topic, and I thought I would help anyone out in the same position. I was able to find the files online, here is the link to them: files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1n6QR7JRQjOYa9v2dxi3ZmP7pNiON7svw?usp=sharing. I actually ended up actually not needing them, so I am unsure if they 100% work. But, I'm pretty sure these are the files that are required for the media player - as I've done this to my Prius before. Please let me know if they work!
  2. Hi All, My Prius c battery ran flat and now its give me an error message in the radio playhead 'unable to read program. please check the SD card of the program'. I've been able to fix this issue before with a google drive folder that was circulating around here before, but the link has gone dead. Does anyone have these files and could please help me out!! Please email them to avamartin1803@gmail.com. If could help, it would mean the world to me!! Thanks

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