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  1. A big fan of your modding style! :). Aurion looks awesome!
  2. King Springs low and decent shocks. Perhaps larger rear swaybar too of the likes of the common Whiteline or the Ultra Racing. That's all I did on my SX for the occasional spirited driving. If you really want to spend more than the car is worth, go all out on replacing all the bushes with polyurethane, camber bolts or just get coil-overs... Considering it's a 23 year old car now, probably not worth spending too much on it.
  3. I'll let you know that views to your topic(s) are indicative of that of not just forum member views but also those from search engines like Google. If you scroll to the bottom of the page where it says user(s) are reading this topic... sometimes you will see etc. Anyhow... I haven't been on the forum in a long time because I'm a busy man and I have a life :P Anyway to answer you question... AE92 and AE93 are the same thing. The thing to note is Series 1 and Series 2. Your GTi is an AE93 because it is a Series 2. Hatch changed name however the liftback maintained the Seca SX name. Cosmestic changes particularly. If you haven't Googled or Redbook already, be aware that Redbook lists the SX and GTi hatch and Seca SX as AE93 models.
  4. Hi all I need to pick your brains before I get in contact with Toyota to see if anyone else has experienced this. We have a 2013 Corolla ZRE152R with 2ZR-FE auto. Car has now done 13,600Kms on it. Yesterday morning the engine would not turn over. It can definitely be ruled out that it was not the battery either. I had to use the accelerator to help crank it over. Once started it sounded like dropped cylinders. I gave a few revs and it idled fine. Lots of stinky smoke came out. Not further issues since. Any experiences or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Saw your twin today in Brisbane however with different wheels. Looked like Advanti's in gun metal. Don't really dig the tinted foggies... Just doesn't look right in my opinion. Each to their own :)
  6. Spotted Kev k_san turning right at the lights on Abbotsford Rd, Bowen Hills around 2.30pm. Sick lux!
  7. Looks good man. So I take it you ordered new covers LOL. Are you hooking the fog lights to separate switch or are you ripping the stalk off a wrecker also? All good mate. My rolla will be up for sale once I get the safety cert. done.
  8. Love this 82. Any scrubbing with your new shoes? haha showing the EP3 how it's done :P
  9. Seriously are you the villiage troll. You use an old car with good visability and obviously never driven these modern cars otherwise you'd know all about it. I beg your pardon! My parents own both ZZE and ZRE sedan Corollas. I've driven both multiple times and haven't had the most difficulty that you describe. No I do not know all about it because I'm not an open book or mechanic. A sedan is NOT a Hatchback. See you know less about cars than I do. Sedans are a totally different design. I never thought I'd see the day that someone would know less about cars than i do. Why thank you Captain obvious! Please read my comment again. Your response has made you stand out as a complete idiot. If you still don't understand then clearly should have your licence cancelled.
  10. Seriously are you the villiage troll. You use an old car with good visability and obviously never driven these modern cars otherwise you'd know all about it. I beg your pardon! My parents own both ZZE and ZRE sedan Corollas. I've driven both multiple times and haven't had the most difficulty that you describe. No I do not know all about it because I'm not an open book or mechanic. You obviously have never bought a new car. First off you sign a contract and give them a deposit and you can't just go in there check it out and have the cash and buy then and there. Its not done that way. Rego plates all take time to put into your name. Then a few days later you go in with the bank cheque and buy the car. There is a whole lot of things to sign. They come out with a yellow packet with the car keys in it then off to the back area where the car was under a hanger area. Then you drive off. Next time I go to buy a new car I'll take a hidden camera with me. All the lies they do and my mistake was taking them at their word. I just didn't think a toyota dealer would even take the risk of doing that. I've since discovered many other disgrunted people that have bought from them. We live and we learn. Another site has taken my cause up and is going to post the car yard in question along with all the emails and letters to and from the car yard. I won't post the car yard in here. That may get me banned from posting so won't do that. I won't post the forum that is doing that as its not fair to the owners of this forum. Ethics 101. It will get sorted out long term I hope. I just don't understand how it is so difficult for you. You are the consumer and you have every right to make sure you get the product you are paying for. Commonsense would be to check the product before purchasing / on delivery. Salesman are always going to do everything they can to sell a product. They want the commission. They will give you the contract and always point you to sign. They won't tell you to read the contract obviously. If you don't read the small print and just go ahead to sign then that's your problem. It doesn't matter whether you record what they say or whatever. It has to be in a document or in writing. Wouldn't it make sense if you are going to hand over thousands of dollars that you would want a legal document with signatures? Voice recordings will still mean nothing. You can take them to the courts and you will most likely lose. Oh just a suggestion jsta, learn to take criticism. Perhaps peruse what you type before posting next time because you have asked for opinions and feedback.
  11. Really? All I see is you p-issing and moaning about how big the pillars are, how the mirrors distort the image and how you are unable to drive an easy to drive vehicle, despite your 30 years of driving experience. Yes really. Like I said all modern new cars have these wider pillars. Maybe at some future point in time when more people get killed in car accidents they'll re look at the design of these cars. I really can't understand the logic of building a car where the driver can't see the front of the car. Its not just Toyota doing this either. Many brands have the bonnet slopping down to quickly to make it look more sporty. And if more people complained about it then maybe something would be done about it. The bonnet sloping is not about sportiness. It's about the crumble points on the vehicle if an accident were to happen, aerodynamics and probably various other reasons. Car manufacturers don't build cars they way they are to be unsafe etc. Pillars these days also house pillar airbags. All these gadgets make drivers lazy and reliant on technology to help them park the car or notice other vehicles, etc. That's possibly a reason why you notice so many drivers who can't park etc. Because people are just getting lazy. Maybe go ask these people you see who can't park why they can't. Takes one person to start something if you believe that you have "ground to stand on" that these car manufacturers are doing it wrong. Same goes with why Toyota won't bring out a 2L variant. Could be the market target, fuel economy, reliability, costs. etc. Anyway Corolla autos always lack in the power/performance area. The manuals aren't that bad. Perhaps Toyota's ambition is maintaining reliability or keeping within it's market.
  12. If you can't even park a Corolla for those reaons then you really are a **** driver. Seriously for your sake maybe downgrade or get your eyes checked. Perhaps refresh your driving skills because your acclaimed 30 years experience can accumulate bad habits.
  13. did you pick up those foggies off ebay from Lativa? Foggy inserts just go to the wreckers. Won't find them on ebay or the likes. Chopping your current one won't work because you're missing one mould clip. You can get away with zip ties
  14. Spotted Ash's (Secaboy) old TRD Aurion with the Buddyclub P1s on Main St, Kangaroo Point heading South bound yesterday afternoon about 4pm.
  15. yeah I looked into your DIY before posting this thread. Just don't want to ruin the paint as I would like to sell it this year or the next pending on my job. Thank you for the advise however. That would be brilliant if you could please Andrew :)