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  1. It will be interesting to see how well it does. $3k approx premium over the standard Camry. It may take a few years to get that back, but it also performs better than the standard Camry because it has two motors - 140kw total. The space of a Camry, better performance, and the economy of a manual Yaris. I'm not yet seeing the downside, apart from the fact that it may not get wide acceptance. The competitors in the mid size class would be the diesels I guess, but which of those can you get in this price range? Maybe Epica or Sonata.
  2. Anyone knows this site?

    I'm guessing South African Rand. currency converter
  3. Maybe boosted AWD blade 2.4. But I'd be happy with the blade master G 3.5, six speed auto. Me wants one.
  4. Hottest Corolla yet

    Auris is the European replacement for the Corolla hatch, which we still call the Corolla. US gets the Corolla sedan like ours (but also available with the Camry engine) and Matrix hatch, which looks different to the Auris. The 2.4 Rolla would be cool to get here, as would the blade master 3.5 from Japan.
  5. I have a 2007 6 spd manual ascent sedan. Suburban driving about 8.5 l/100km. On a couple of Canberra to Sydney trips it averaged 6.2. I feel that now it has a few kays it has improved.