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  1. Hi Tony, My local Toyota dealer has supplied us a courtesy vehicle while our Kluger Hybrid is off the road. I can't fault their service in this regard, it has been first rate. I have also been informed that the replacement cooling fan should now be arriving from Japan much sooner than originally anticipated. Regards Jeff
  2. Hi Ashley, I viewed The Car Nuts YouTube series on Hybrids prior to purchasing my new Kluger and found them informative... and yes no mention of fan failure but a quite bit on filter maintenance. Our local dealer could not be more helpful, providing us with a loan car until the long term rental vehicle was made available today. They placed the order for the replacement part as soon as the problem had been diagnosed but after checking availability informed us lead time could be several months as the part needs to come from Japan. It's a pity spares were not sent along with the initial shipment of new vehicles! Regards Jeff
  3. Hi, I am interested to know if anyone has had any issues with their Hybrid battery cooling fans! I recently purchased a new 2021 Kluger Hybrid AWD and after less than 1000klms one of these cooling fans malfunctioned. I did extensive research on Toyota's Hybrid technology prior to purchase and did not come across this issue. Currently my vehicle is sitting back at the dealership awaiting a replacement part before it can be driven again. Here's the rub, I have been informed the replacement part could take as long as two months to arrive from Japan. Very interested to hear if anyone else has had any Hybrid issues and what outcomes they had!
  4. Hi, I am from Tura Beach NSW and have a 2011 Kluger Grande AWD and a 2021 Kluger Grande Hybrid AWD

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