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  1. I will be in on a group buy if you go ahead. they look good!
  2. ahhh that was you lol! yeah spotted hehe! im just down a bit further at aubrey pl for the next few weeks anyway then its off to our new home at hornsby lookin clean by the way dude love the silver nice choice hehe clean... car needs a wash! thats the beauty of having a silver car. still needs more work (cosmetic mods planned for the moment, then more additions under the hood) havent had it long but lovin it at the moment! let me know if your keen for a zip up the old pac hwy, im always up for that!
  3. hey TJ, u just caught me coming out of my driveway! on gully road. car looks sweet mate. nah the other red rolla wasnt you, didnt have the black aero grill. where in berowra you live? same area? or up heights way?
  4. spotted red stivo lowered, didnt see much else, driving north towards f3 passed out the front of know boys college on sunday 29 at 8ish am. female driver? i was in the silver stivo driving the other way(south) with the green p's on (no other cars on the road) we were checking out each others car as we passed. anyone from here? ride looked sweet!
  5. YAY you got my payment! woot im leet at netbank! (id never used it before!) you could say that you popped my netbank cherry!
  6. i cant wait to get these... will be awesome! pm me for payment details and ill get $$$ to you asap.
  7. >_< lol i went ahead and made my own thread, instead of posting in here. sorry in advance! neway, yeh im new(ish) just havent posted. feel free to delete the thread i made. have an 03 stivo, know some people from here irl. pics to come. thanx! -Roobs