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  1. Yeah I’d say that’s what’s happened - I’ll take some photos and give you a squiz I was thinking about WD40 and a metal brush - I had the RACQ inspection before a bought it but it never got a mention - even though he flagged a slight cv boot problem which was easily addressed. It’s Toyota that made me aware of the rust - they said for the age of the car it was excessive They weren’t overly concerned but just making the observation im concerned because he rust proofed the underbody and im thinking he was perhaps hiding something or worse trapping rust in
  2. Hi guys i bought a 200 series GXL it’s pretty clean but for a 2019 with 40k KM on the clock I noticed a fair bit of surface rust under the car - the previous owner siad he only went on the beach a couple of times should I be concerned should I treat how do I treat thanks Team

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