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  1. rear sway sounds good its about time i downgrade my subwoofer and reclaim some of my bootspace anyways shopping is no longer limited to a box of migoreng and pepsi i probably wont go for the angel eyes or leds i park my car everywhere so id rather it look plain as possible in the outside as for the gps i agree !!! i have that on my iphone already
  2. haha yeah sounds good in theory, I have mo idea putting that into practice though.
  3. thanks jaderd, wow 2nd CAI is still that much?? ill start checking bursons (this is the first time i have heard of them) as for the oil etc.. i get the standard toyota stuff on my service - ill ask my mechanic to use that next time and ill see if i can tell the difference also my bad .. my sound system is good enough as it is, i have a completed alpine system already besides im getting old already i hardly trun my volum up past 75% nowadays haha any other ideas? how much is it to tint my windows?? cheers
  4. Hey all, The wife has finally approved a budget of $1000 to spend on my 04 prefacelift sportivo. My car is stock except for super low springs. I need your help, whats your thoughts on the best combo of parts that can I get as this is probably the last time in my life that I can spend this kind of $$ on my car. (not including insurance) Is this enough for a CAI and Strut bars??? Apologies for my lack of price knowledge. cheers
  5. damn... i cant believe i actually got spotted. i guess there is a couple of sportivo owners here in woodcroft might have to catch up with you guys in the next meet. and get some ideas for my car
  6. thanks everyone for this thread i thought i was going crazy not being able to snap seconds anymore
  7. officially : IT Ninja for Cadbury Schweppes unofficially: cripsy skin chicken with tomato rice food critic (apparently john st at cabra is the best, havent tried it yet though) website monkey (ala soon to be amateur photographer (of cars mainly) roulette and poker statistician and most importantly level 43 fighter/mage hahahahah jk I can safely say i have not touched WoW , I'm afraid that if I load it on I will no longer see the sun.
  8. In regards to join date im not technically a noob, but considering i dont post much ahem.. (i think ive done 5 now???) I think its best to start here again. i need help i dont have alot of cash budgeted for my 2004 corolla S but i try to buy it presents once in awhile, anyways and i kinda stuck on what to do next should i get: a) CAI + Exhaust B) an ok set of rims (excl. tires) other things that is vying for my disposable income are c) canon EOS 400D + kit d) playstation 3 e) laptop f) trip to japan btw i have installed a sound system already + installed a new set of springs heres my car thoughts/comments??? ps i have removed all the badges on my car (where i park my car unless you do it yourself somebody does it for you) so my car is looking kinda plain so yeah interested to know who i PM for club stickers?? pss mish you still on these forums??
  9. spotted black corolla number plate SU 82 LE sunday night around bonnyrigg area very cool plates nice and subtle
  10. cheers yeah its fun to drive when i get back from holidays ill hopefully be doing stage 1 on it exhaust and cold air do you guys know anyone in the forums thats done stage one and have tips or have any suggestions on brands?
  11. you have to be in mt druitt hahaha it was "medicinal" cocaine and no it didnt come in a clear white ziplock plastic bag it was in liquid form it was made in australia though
  12. yeah how long did it take? yeah ill make sure i to go to the one in march im in Thailand the whole of February
  13. if i dont need to take off in a hurry i shift at 2500 but as everyone has mentioned 4000rpm is a lot smoother that at 3000rpm
  14. Jean-Pierre 26 yrs old in feb 12 (that means im in the 26-30 bracket i feel so old) single 2004 tivo im in the ghetto . aka mt druitt this thread is hilarious!