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  1. Hey guys I recently test drove the 86 straight after test driving the Megane RS. Straight away as soon as I got in I loved the seating position better as I felt like i was in a sports car low to the ground. How all sports cars should feel. The Megane didn't give me the low seating feeling. The other thing I noticed I had trouble engaging into 2nd gear. It was very hard to select which kind of turned me off as Ive had previous bad experience in the past with 2nd gear when the car is cold it won't engage after a while the gears start to grind and the syncros start to give way. I thought the 86 was alot more fun to drive over the megane as it felt lighter and more easy to throw into the corners. Although the lack of power I think I would get bored of quite quickly. I put my foot down it started to pull and then nothing just a straight power curve to nothing? I was waiting for some kinda surge of power to kick in. It is just missing that sort of punch (vtec, turbo, something.) Where the Megane has the power but just feels like your driving a high positioned hatchback you don't get that race car feeling if that makes sense. Has anyone else had issues with 2nd gear? is it a problem that getters better after time? I just can't seem to find a car under 45k that I love. If i was to buy the 86 it would definately be getting a turbo kit added. Let me know your thoughts guys.
  2. DC2R and DC5R was ok but I found them even to lack power even after bolt on mods fujitusbo exhaust and gruppeM intake headers and tune still not quick enough so I tried evo 8 MR that had enough power but it was getting old and I get bored so I sold up. I just want something abit newer with power. I like the idea of light weight cars thats why Ive always liked hondas. Thats another reason I was considering the 86. But at the moment im heading towards to Megane RS as it is ticking all the boxes. The only thing that is putting me off when you sit in the car it doesn't have that nice low feel like the 86 did. It feels much higher up. The 86 makes you feel like your in an old school sports car which I really liked. I'm not sure if you guys have seen this? http://www.evo.co.uk/news/evonews/290377/honda_civic_typer_turbo_concept_coming_to_geneva.html They are going for the quickest front wheel drive production car ever made if it can beat the Megane RS track record around the Nurburgring. Just not sure how I feel about the shape? But yeah decisions, decisons.
  3. Thank you Juvenile for the only helpful comment. The reason I was asking about the seats because I have owned DC2R, DC5R & an EVO 8 MR in the past and found all those recaro seats very tight and uncomfortable. Yes I have already test drove the car but you can't tell from a 10 minute drive. I didnt find my recaro seats uncomfortable until a month or so later of driving until the foam started to soften up then you could feel the metal on the bolsters as a bigger buy I found them uncomfortable. If I do buy the car I plan to turbo it as there isn't enough power for me. Either that or im considering buying a Renault Megane RS which im going for a test drive today. Thank you.
  4. What size underwear does your mum wear is the question?
  5. Hi guys I'm thinking about buying an 86. My only concern I have been reading about a lot of issues with the car. Such as low idle issues and chirping noises from the engine and moisture in tail lights etc. Are these problems still current? Or have they fixed these issues in the 2014 model? Anyone experienced any of these issues? The other question I have, how are people finding the seats are they comfortable or are they too tight for bigger guys? as I'm a size 34-36 waist. Thanks guys.
  6. AE111 Levin BZR - Comon problems with these cars? Looking to buy one of these as a daily car? do these cars have common problems with them? gear box? Dashboard rattles? engine issues? etc
  7. Toyota's are built poorly and are assembled in south africa lol Toyota sucks balls! I owned a toyota all I had was problems and toyota didn't want to know about it.. Xoom you should know toyota's quality of poor customer service.. Ohh and enjoy your shifting in the sportivo :P
  8. the new corolla have the low idle issue like the 05 models?
  9. sooky babys ... i was only getting 350kms on my type R you should be happy wit atleast 500 .... tight asses! lol
  10. thanks guys ... we gave them abit of a run the ek9 keeps up on takeoff ... but in the end the ITR takes it... My itr only has 44,000kms
  11. Hey Guys I sold my rolla... check out my new ride yo! The Integra Type R is mine and the civic type R is an import from japan thats my mates ... there is only 5 civic type Rs in Aus i think 2 in sydney if im correct..
  12. I cant do it myself man lol i have trouble undoing the battery please man lol!! I have to amps connected ... and the put a fuse in my engine bay... Plus 1 15" sub in boot its not an easy job ... Plus need to take all my good speakers out and return it to the stock ones..