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  1. Up from the grave this thread rises! I don't work for them, but I'm a loyalist of Mobil1, especially their 0w40 grade, so you can most certainly fill your 2.5L AWD with this bad boy. The "40" will cover your hot summer temperatures easily anywhere in Australia, whilst the "0" will be great for cold engine startups during winter. Mobil1 is factory fill for most Japanese and European exotics (Lexus LFA, all of the Lexus V8 F models), some f1 teams and most of Australia's Supercar teams or Holden's Racing Teams.
  2. Respect brother i wish i had the knowledge and skills to pull things apart and put them back together in monster form.
  3. very nice, have fun at the toyotafest. I went to the Melbourne one, great collection of classics, but I only saw one rolla sportivo there. Can I ask where you got your Bride RO Rails from? standard auto stores? hehehehehe i need to get myself some bucketseats just for fun. though I don't think I would be getting recaros unless it is relatively cheap (my car has done 275,000kms)
  4. RE trim protectant, there are millions of people recommending millions of the brands they trust, but in the end, we drive quite regular cars. I would say get ANYTHING (within reason i.e. not too cheap and not too expensive) when your auto retailers have 30%+ off sale. i tried Mothers back to black, and because that's more of a liquid form, it was nowhere as durable as Meguiar's Ultimate Protectant (not to be confused with the regular Meguiar's classic and natural shine protectants). If Meg's UP is at 30% off, it's the best bang for buck. Thick durable cream and lasts in the aussie sun when it's 35+ degrees. The trick is to let the cream dissolve overnight into the plastics. Works great on your unpainted plastics like mud-flaps, front windscreen bottom plastic guard, rear wipers, top antenna and all the plastics in your engine bay. Using a paintbrush is the best as it's not wasteful while creating uniform coats. Have fun!
  5. great automobile Squalled love these to be classic sportivo rollas. love them to bits, closest thing to an asian version of RenaultSport Clio3s. your car looks the goods, and love the updated front bumpers before the MY06/07 corollas. judging from the final pic above ^^^ you should get some trim protectant, use a paint brush and paint the protectant on your bottom window surroundings before the rubber start cracking (since you spent all that effort on detailing the windows). You could go to the wreakers and get some in good nick. EDIT: Oh, should also paint your rear mud flaps. I reckon it adds an extra touch from the rear.
  6. I wonder what the test results are with an in-line 4 vs a research mule V4
  7. very noice. Australia is the only country that decided to call Camry V6 as "Aurion", even though in some markets they look exactly like an Aurion (but different to a Camry). Most markets will have a Camry V6, which is a Camry with a...well, V6 engine.
  8. I saw this on carsales and immediately thought if you were a forum member, Flex. And wala, here you are lol. GLWS, hope you sell it to someone who takes the same amount of care as you have. Looks the goods, though I'm sure them woofers can be quite impractical hehe. I love cubed cars, and I wish I could purchase a MY15 Build 3 Rukus (that is currently on carsales with 9,XXXkms on the clock) as my daily
  9. Sweet mother, for the age of the car, it has tiny KMs and the condition of this classic automobile looks the goods: https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Toyota-Corolla-1989/OAG-AD-14975786/?Cr=3 It has been taken good care of, and I can see the wipers have been changed to the "premium" type. If I was a Jay Leno with warehouses of cars to fill, this would make the list for sure.
  10. what a waste. sitting out in the elements to rot and die. it appears the front passenger tyre has a puncture?! But just imagine the insurance bill on that kinda thing too!
  11. the 91s I saw in Shell & BP were both normal 91s, not E10s. I cant fathom how Coles can justify 8c more for Vpower over BP Ulti, that's all. If anything, BP Ulti has a much better rep for delivery on a "quality" product
  12. Hi Guys, Just wondering, SINCE when did Shell justify a 7c to 10c premium OVER BP Ulti? Has anyone realised that lately, or have I been under my freakin cave all this time and this is very very old news to all? I used to do BP Ulti but because we shopped at Coles, I thought instead of putting those useless 4c off dockets in the bin, I'd use them (4c off saves sqaut anyway). I remember specifically 3mths ago, BP Ulti & V-Power were the same price. Since then, I have not compared pricing between BP & Shell (cuz we all have soooo much time), and because today the missus left a BP Ulti receipt on the table, by accident I saw the price -> It was 8c less than V-Power <- I pump at the cheapest day in our fortnightly cycle (here in Vic), which is every 2nd Thurs/Fri. Shell ULP = 1.42 / Shell V-Power = 1.60 / BP ULP = 1.41 / BP Ulti = 1.52 I double checked the pricing at another Shell pump, and it was the same... If it's because it's fuel developed with Ferrari, well…I really don't give a horses arrears. BP Ulti, Vpower & Caltex Vortex98 are all apples, not a mixture of pears, oranges & grapes Not a rant as such, just stunned. If this is Westfarmer's way of getting back at consumers for the "low" prices they offer at Coles, I'm gonna throw a brick into the reception of Coles HQ here in Toorak, Vic.
  13. yea putting it for slow cycle for me would mean it would be delicate piece of clothing, as my nautica ones and all of my other clothing dont pill on a normal cycle. i dont tumble dry them though. Anyway did my homework and found out that the Brits/UK market has RL Polo's derived from Pima Cotton, as supposed to the very fragile cotton we have here. Looking on ebay, found that a normal Pima Cotton RL Polo from the UK market can be had for less than the stupid retail price here in Aust - delivered with tracking and insurance, so go figure - and its no wonder why people resort to online shopping rather than shopping at pathetic retail stores with these price comparisons. Dont get me wrong, I'd pay anything for Aust. Made, but this is far from it - they are all from China.
  14. took me around 45mins to examine, read, magnify, read again on the 10 page thread bloody !@#@#$#%^ i just cant believe someone would make a complete in depth model out of soft trees and laquer it up. No words can describe the level of skill he has. it really does make us normal dudes who have "hobbies" seem utterly pathetic. sure, one might be able to replace an engine, or conduct a showroom respray...but making an replica F1 car from the inside out, bottom to top with paper - thats just unreal
  15. Wixy

    2012 Camry

    well said lols them bloody model names were always so damn confusing across the different ranges of the Toyota fleet. Another example is Mazda, they just have the plate "Mazda6", or 3 or 2. Model differences will take some skill for the average female, or a non car fan, as the only way to distingish is by the body panels, size of alloys & small things like HID or Halogens in the projectors. I prefer if Toyota went down that path - discret but all discribed somewhat equally...sort of, unless you buy the MPS lols