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  1. Just wondering why no replies to this basic question.. ?? no worries, so I'll add this, Do you also need to disconnect the ABS for a simple front Brake Pad replacement.. ?? Thanks in advance...
  2. About to do a brake fluid change, like I've done for years on other cars, when someone mentioned that on the ZRE you've got to disable the ABS system before you start.. So my question is, Is this correct ? and if so, do you simply remove the ABS fuse, and replace it when you're finished, or will just disconnecting the battery do the job ?? And lastly, how on earth does a simple fluid change affect the ABS anyway ?? and what would happen if you didn't disconnect it ?? Thanks in advance...
  3. About to do a brake fluid change, in the normal way I've done for the last 30 years, when I read a post mentioning needing to use an ABS scanner when doing this. Is the fluid change normal and straightforward, or does a scanner need to be involved too.. ?? Thanks in advance guys..
  4. .. so is there a genuinely ADR compliant (therefore roadworthy, and also 100% insurance compliant) sports exhaust available for the ZRE ?? just wondering... thoughts anyone ??
  5. A bloke at work got one off ebay 3 months ago, dvd pdf format, 12 bux plus 5 p&p.
  6. If it's pre mid '10'ish it's got the normal spin/on spin/off throwaway filter. After that they went to a replacement filter INSIDE the spin off outer canister. Apparently the canisters can "round off" very easily, so you must use the proper removal tool (about $25 off ebay). Be sure to clean inside the canister thoroughly (something my dealer cant be bothered to do) and remember to fit the new O ring supplied with the new filter ($22'ish from Toyota).
  7. guessin at $13,000 plus $4500 for local mods and fitting....THEN given it's not an ultima is it ADR legal..? why would you bother. ??
  8. ..I cant find any either, probably still too soon for the factories in China to start making stock for the facelift .? ..same deal with assorted Chrome trims, plenty of special stuff for the update SEDAN (very popular in asia) but little so far to suit the hatch popular here in Oz..
  9. Tks for that Ben...I'll be sure sure do as you advise....tks mate..
  10. ..mid 2010 ZRE's, Toyota went from the no-brainer spin-off/spin on steel filter (yours) to a plastic housing (mine) containing a paper oil filter (04152-37010), you were lucky enough to have the pre plastic one..
  11. ..well just bought one on the 'bay from a seller in NZ, 65mm is the size, and it was $23.40 incl postage. I CANNOT BELIEVE..!! that Toyota have done this, the actual canister is made from PLASTIC ! not metal, if the perfectly fitting tool is not used, the edges of the 14 sides can easily burr over possibly making removal or replacement eventually impossible. Also the parts dept at my local dealership, said replacement takes their workshop twice as long and that actual cleaning of the inside of the canister is very important ( I wonder how many wont bother to do this, or even wont bother to change the filter at all.?? )he also said it was a cost cutting exercise, although Toyota are spinning it as "more environmentally friendly". ..cant believe I've just completed a whole thread just talking to myself..! all good but..
  12. ...K checked on ebay, seem to be some on there about $25 question .. can anyone confirm if 64mm 14 flute to be the correct size for the new canisters...if not what would the correct size be..?? thanx for any help.
  13. Hi all..just got the new oil filter cartridge , all set to go, when reading the fitting instructions, it says I must use s "special service tool". Has anyone DIY changed their filter yet, and is it possible to do this without having to buy this tool...??? and if so what did you use to remove/replace the filter canister...? Thanks fellas...
  14. work Ebay hard for a week to ten should get what you need there..I got a set of 200kms 2010 conquest alloys for $365..shame the ZRE's have the 5 stud pattern it just cuts down the options, but there again all late Camry alloys will fit ..Good Luck !!!
  15. Castrol Magnatech 10W-40. Does the job for me. Magnatec is very good but is a stickier Castrol made it to be, generally ok for early multi valve(incl IZZ-FE), and great for non multi valve engines, On dual vvti's, and vvtli's needing very thin oil getting to the top of the head very quickly on cold start-up, when using Magnatec, lift the oil filler cap periodically, and look and check for brown sludge build up at the top of the head on cars travelling low kms.....and if seen then change the oil more frequently (say..5000kms max). Just my opinion...