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  1. Hey guys So i took my baby in yesty and they replaced the left hand rear door seal and they rechecked the apparent oil leak! So they found there was a leak in the sump so they resealed no problems - under warranty thank ***! So all fixed - lets hope it stays that way! Cheers and thanx again for your help!
  2. Thanks guys, i dont know what i would do without your advice! Especially being female and living in Tas - not many sportivos around! I was pretty shocked to find out about it - as you could imagine! Cant say the guy was real helpful either, he just said you have an oil leak and thats why we charged you $30 something to clean the engine to find it. Then he just said we will check it when you bring it back to have the one back door seal replaced under warranty - its booked in on thursday, so we will see what happens! I was worried cause i didnt know if it was covered under warranty, but im glad to hear it is! (i was worried because the previous owner serviced it by klms and not the time, but still i wouldnt have thought that they could say it was my fault that it has an oil leak!?) Anyways ill update as to what they say on thursday!! ;)
  3. Hey all Just had my 40k service (only done 35k - previous lady owner didnt go with the time, just the klms, but this is its 2nd service since i got in nov last year), anyways, so had the service and asked them to check the back door seals because they were letting air in - so they told me they would only replace the left side under warranty - weird?!, but whatever, maybe it was just that one?! And then they tell me "oh there's a minor oil leak in the sump/timing cover area". :o My reaction was first shock and then ah, your joking, its an 05 model, i sold my 89 model seca because it had an oil leak. So i leave the department minus $354.45 and my jaw which is still on the service centre floor! :( Im a 22 year old female and i love the car - but i dont thrash it or drive it hard, the previous owner was a 40 something lady and she rode the clutch and dont think she really knew how to drive, let alone drive a sportivo to its 141kw potential - so why the oil leak? So i guess im wondering has anybody else had a minor oil leak (Aug 05 build, sportivo)? Is it a warranty thing? (warranty expires oct/nov 08) What do i do? Cheers guys!!
  4. I have a black 2005 corolla sportivo, have had it since october 2007 and only ever used BP ULTIMATE - probably because i work for BP!! So of course i highly recommend the "liquid gold" as it is termed by my regular customers! I dunno how to convert L/100km, but on average i get 600km to a tank, give or take, but because of the price of fuel in Tas, ie as at todays date (16-5) we are paying 175.9cents per litre!! Ouchi i know so i fill up every half tank, roughly 350 - 400km per half tank (top half). This is all city driving, 50 - 60kms lots of traffic lights, stopping and starting!!
  5. Ive been thinking seriously bout getting a rear skirt, why you say dont get toyota to install and paint it? Plus i live in tas so you reckon i could still order it from my local toyota or will they not be able to get it? Cheers
  6. Hey all guys and girls, Just a couple of questions regarding the 05 sportivo: Ive been trying to find out what recalls have been done if any on this model but cant find anything. I particularly wanted to know if the door seals were a problem for anyone or a recall issue, cause it seems like there is wind coming through the back door seals when highway driving!! - would this be a warranty thing??? The second is regarding the exhaust, im still very undecided and not real keen to spend big money just yet - like $800 plus for a remus!! Anyone have any experience or opinions on just putting a different tip on instead of the standard - im so over the poor noise it makes - i feel stupid revving it too high cause it sounds yuk!! Would like just a nice beafy sound - but not too loud just loud and tough when revving!!! (I tend to get aggressive on the road and rev out the gear changes when i get ****** off at people who cant drive - Opps, but im a girl im allowed Cheers in advance guys - any help would be greatly appreciated!!! ;) Nat (aka TVO-141)
  7. This may sound dumb - but how come youve buttons?
  8. Yeah your right - the airbag stops that in its tracks!! Guess ill have to take your advice and only do one thing at once!!
  9. Hey Guys and Gals, Hope all is well!! Well its been 3 months since i got my 05 sportivo, and im still loving it. :D I was in lift recently for the first time and my heart was beating that loud i couldnt hear the engine revving - it was good fun though!! Just wondering if anyone has put the volume and skip controls on their steering wheels like the new models have for the cd player?? Im a girl and multi task while driving, lip gloss, answer phone, change songs etc, and i find it hard to change the song or volume without actually looking at it to get the right button. So i guess my questions are: 1. is it possible? 2. is it expensive? 3. could my dad and i do it? Thanx Guys and Gals!!! xx
  10. Hey Guys, Thanx heaps for your input!! ;) At the mo im looking at either TVO - 005 or NVY - 001. I like the second one better cause then i can take it with me and the first one will have to stay with the car! Its been pretty much 50/50 with my friends and family so what do you guys think? Which one?? TVO - 005 (as in sportivo) or NVY - 001 (as in envy) Cheers, thanx guys!!!
  11. Yeah makes it hard only 3 letters 3 numbers hey - but $950 i would rather spend on other stuff not a number plate!! Maybe pov is a Tassie word - its means like stupid or lame!!!
  12. Hey Guys I know this mite sound a bit weird - but i would really appreciate your input into devising a number plate msg for my black 05 stivo. I was thinking TRD - 141??? Is this a bit pov?? I dont wanna use my name cause i think NAT as the 3 letters would look pov - you always look at those number plates, when people put their names on them and think theyre pov!! I do anyways - no offence to anyone.... In tas theyve just launched tasplates - which gives us the opportunity to design a plate with 3 letters followed by 3 numbers and a choice of 5 colours for $295 I know tas is a bit slow on doing these things!!! You can get a 6 letter word for $950 - but i think thats a bit steep, afterall its only a number plate!! So any ideas you guys think of or have seen before would be greatly appreciated!!! ;) Thanx - i know it seems weird - but hey im stuck!!! :D
  13. Yeah Tassie has the best lifestyle!! The roads are great fun minus the potholes and speed cameras The sound definately has to match the sound!! So the price at $880 is a what you pay for you get sorta thing?
  14. Cool thanks!! I read the other forum about exhausts and it was all numbers and stuff - didnt really get it - so thanks!! Yeah makes it hard being in tas, your right if he wants one he can get me one - but i tried that and so far no good, might have to get sneaky