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  1. Nice choice there m8!! Well done! Unless I am mistaken these are the OZ Superleggera, right? I am sure that you will also notice that your car accelerates more firmly now. This is due to the reduced weight of each rim!! ;)
  2. Graig, glad to be here m8! The thing is that the best power output I can get with Unichip is 4-5 whp tops in my CTS. So I cannot really understand how on earth you managed to get 5-12KW. So I am wondering...does this have to do with my tuner or my main E.C.U. is of different specs than yours?
  3. Yeah yeah...I know!! :P The funny thing is that I didn't expect somebody from abroad to look into a greek tuner web site, when, we greeks, don't even want to know about his existence!! Do you know what I am saying?
  4. Can u give more info on the Unichip? You see I have it installed in my Corolla TSport (Australian Sportivo) but noway did I see gains of 5-10%. Can u give me an approximate of the horsepower gains when the Unichip is installed to an Australian Stock Sportivo?
  5. Funny guys...That's a greek tuner. How did u come up with this web site?