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  1. is there anywhere in perth that will repair cracks on the dash or anybody know of any other way to repair it?
  2. yer im a mechanic if its start squealing that is because the belts strecth so it becomes loose so just tighten the belts some more that should be permanent
  3. so you were downshifting to slow down? and it just broke?
  4. hahaha i am a mechanic =]] ill prob go to perth brake parts or something or exedy dealer see who gives me best offer =]] haha yer ok no problem =]]] video will come
  5. mine does 0-100 in just abit under 10 pod filter with ceramic piping open bonnet direct to filter 2.25 inch complete exhaust system polished and ported head new pistons and rings short shifter thats all i can think of at the moment i dont know exactly what the last owner did when he rebuilt it i dont know where to get the flywheel from to be honest im waiting for the clutch i have now to start to go before i think of that
  6. 02 corollas beating us? never lost to one =] haha modified engine =DDD so yer better acceleration sounds good so yer as soon as my clutch gives way hello low lightened flywheel and heavy duty clutch =]]
  7. so changing gear casually going up a hill as you change gear you may drop a few km's but overall it will perform better right?
  8. does it gives any more power? or acceleration? or is it really just fuel efficiency?
  9. ok im having a feeling that my clutch is starting to have its way out so im gonna start deciding how to go with a new one just wanna know you guys opinion normal exedy clutch or go heavy duty? i kinda wanna feel the extra grip and how much better performance would a lightened flywheel give?? my friend put one in his commodore and said it went a hell of a lot better so just wondering what you guys know and rekon?
  10. i found the leak well see those to nuts? those threads are threaded into the head but they werent threaded in tight so it was leaking through so i took them out and put bit of silicon and tightened em back in and all seems good so far see if its gone in the morning iv never heard of this happening before? have you guys?
  11. yer i had that mine just has custom ceramic piping going to my pod filter and a hole drilled into the ceramic and rubber gromet put in then done theres my sensor =]
  12. yer try that and an injector service if still there id be stumped aswell?? sorry dude
  13. its not a 3s its a 5s-fe iv replaced the rocker cover gasket and iv done the dizzy o ring they are not leaking
  14. yer id say that is all the breather hose is dont have a pcv valve there so yer its all good why did you wanna replace it anyway?
  15. my boss seems to think it could be from the head gasket cause there is a oil gallery on that side of the engine?