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  1. Spotted a Black 05 Sportivo [euro style plates] heading into north syd! I was in the r32 skyline :)
  2. wil, depending on the kms of the car and its enviroment. hate to say it... worn syncros esp if its first second third gears
  3. Looking great! putting the CAI in at 11:00 at night was worth it aye! Catch up soon
  4. I just drilled it bigger to fit. Bushings only take 5 mins, have a look in DIY. BKS has a guide on it.
  5. i dont know if you want to catch the ******ers or not, but most areas of the M2 is covered by CCTV.
  6. Wow... that actually sounds surprisingly good! nice work!
  7. Exchanged beeps with MOU55A at the lights on lane cove road! car is looking great!
  8. AWESOME! really well done! your car is coming along nicely, get some pics tomorrow morning and post them up. Im keen to see the height!
  9. I have a set of un ported stock pre March 2003 headers (Do not cover air holes) for $60, all you would need is to get them ported and flowed.
  10. Hey guys, Had a brand new TRD clutch installed by toyota a bit over a week ago, Im finding that if the clutch is let out slowly it makes a rather loud whining noise. I called up the mob at toyota, he told me it is because its a metal facing clutch. Is this true? Clutch is not slipping, and seems to be working great. besides the noise, which aslong as its normal I can live with. Cheers, Dave
  11. Spotted Black Stivo, [THEORY] plates on Epping road this morning. Nice looking car mate.
  12. Check your oil first. Please explain further.. only in second gear? any problems in similar rev range throughout the rest of the gears? Is lift engaging properly, not chugging or gasping? in 2nd gear, below 3000rpm does it start off responsive.. go slow throughout 3k to 5k then continue to redline?
  13. Awesome!! have you had a chance to get you bonnet fixed?
  14. This message can not be sent because the recipient has their personal messenger disabled or they are in a member group not allowed to use the personal messenger. This personal message has not been sent ^^ Whenever trying to PM people.
  15. Two different companies. Buddy club is reputable. BC is not =D

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