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  1. UPDATE: Managed to take out the centre concole (thanks Squalled for the handy tips) but the plastic hinge on the left hand side has snapped off as it was only hanging on by a thread. Now the compartment door has nothing to hold it in place and the spring won't function without it being secured. I don't think using glue to stick the plastic piece of the hinge is going to hold very well. I'm thinking maybe some wire to try and hold it in place. Any ideas? I could maybe find another compartment door either new from dealer if they have it or second hand?
  2. Thanks dude. I thought you meant to take out the actual air con vents.
  3. Hi mate, do you mean the centre air con vents on each side of the head unit?
  4. Legend! Thanks man. If you are able to flick through those pics just as a reference that would be great also!
  5. Ok cool. So shall I just follow your steps in that order to remove the trim pieces? I'm guessing once the centre console is out I can just clip the spring in pretty easily?
  6. Oh wow - I didn't know it could all pull apart without me breaking it even more! I will try and give it a go, I may need you as back up though if you're keen to help out. Happy to provide payment for your trouble too.
  7. Ah ok cool, thanks for that 🙂 I was struggling to reach down into the centre console to insert the straight edge spring hook on the side hole. Then again I could be doing it wrong 😞
  8. The pics would be a massive help. If I can see how to load the spring then it should be pretty simple. Did you need any specific tools or did you do it all by hand?
  9. Mate that would be amazing if you could! I took a closer look earlier this morning as i managed to pull the left side of the door tray out and could see there was a little hole inside the left hand side of the centre console. I didn't know which end of the spring goes where, there are different style hooks on each end. Plus I couldn't reach with my finders to fit the spring into the hole down inside the console. Maybe once I see your pics or get the info on how to connect the spring to the door tray and inside the console then it will make loads more sense 🙂 If you're Sydney I'm even happy to drive to you so you can show me as it's totally got me stumped!
  10. Thanks heaps mate. I’m still unsure where the spring hooks into inside the centre console. I can’t see any holes for it to clip in. I can definitely see the hole on the door lid, one hole is being used by the plastic hinge and the other is for the spring. But im lost as to where the other end of the spring clips in to.
  11. Hi mate Yes I still have the small metal spring! The spring has got a hook on each end and I'm not sure how it fits into the side of the tray. There's no insert on the side of the centre console. I can easily pull the left side of the tray door out of the centre console and can see there are two holes, one is for the plastic hinge which is still in-tact (only just though). I can't see how I can attach the spring in. I just don't know how to load the spring into the side of the door flap so the door can open and close smoothly again. Any ideas?
  12. Hi guys After giving my car an interior clean I’ve accidentally swiped off part of the storage door that sits above the ash tray in the centre console. The good news is everything is still in tact, but the spring loaded clip has come out and I’m not having much luck being able to reattach it into the tray door. Would anyone know how this spring clips back into place and connect back to the storage tray door? Photo attached for reference. Thanks
  13. Hi all Can anyone recommend a reputable mechanic in Sydney with some sort of Corolla Sportivo experience? Looking to have clutch and gearbox issue fixed and would prefer expertise in this area. Happy to travel but within or the surrounding Hurstville areas would be ideal :)
  14. Hi mate Will this fit a hatch? I think the dimensions for a sedan and hatch cargo area are slightly different.
  15. I only managed to find wagon or sedan genuine ones on eBay, not hatch 😕