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  1. Thank you for the chart! We have already done a full service and addressed the plugs and distributor throttle body and airflow meter. Coil pack was badly split and replaced as was the coolant sensor. Did a fault code reading and it come up no faults.
  2. DOING my head in. I have had a 92 sedan and now the 91 wagon do exactly the same thing! Yet my 88 sedan manual I have owned for over 20yrs has NEVER done it. Nor a 89 wagon also series one auto I had prior to these later models. The problem is VERY specific to certain things. 1. ONLY at operating temp (middle of guage) 2. ONLY on deceleration (touch the gas or the brake it stops) 3. ONLY at Speed range 60km to 50kmph or 1000 rpm or less. Its a surge, and its lunges the car back and forth. Both are autos. SO its something they added /changed in the series twos . 1990 -
  3. Hi all, Culprit is .. the other components in the dizzy. I removed the one running flawlessly out of my sedan (profile pic) and was the ONLY thing we first interchanged. It started very easily and runs perfect, revs perfect. So , 2 used, 1 refurbished distributor with new seals, rotor, coil pack, rotor and cap and leads still didn't help.. Our conclusion , the wiring inside the dizzy eg. condenser and pickups. Wagon dizzy now will be a spare once we find good Guts to put in it.. until then my sedan will lay motionless and be getting hers back after the holiday trip. Cleared the codes on
  4. Update.. went out there again today. opened the bonnet, scanned around again totally bewildered. wriggled a few bits and pieces.. closed it.. went to start her .. wind, wind wind.. nothing... wind, wind , wind , start.. no, almost (off back of key) wind, wind let go, started , revved It to keep it going .. missing still but going Left it running , til op temp... its hunting and missing occasionally... but runs... HMMMM. stops.. so I figure another 2 days before it will again "sigh" . Started again, and again... so ok.. what is going on? Tommorow we will change the fuel filter a
  5. Now it just cranks .. was better before the service , and degrease .......... So damn annoying!! Still code 51 no matter what.
  6. Hi All, Does any one know of a more refined description of engine diagnostic code 51 on a 3S? We have replaced the coil, as this was the issue with my sedan some time back.. but this wagon isn't playing nice. Distributor cap, ignition leads, spark plugs, throttle position sensor, whole dizzy swap which works in other vehicle, rotor and airfilter. Cold, runs and drives like a beaut.. get to op temp good for a while.. then after shutoff for about 15 mins.. start (warm) and you might as well have pulled two leads off .. misses like a bee atch! Turn it off , let it sit a while .. starts idles
  7. Ok , so I starting to wonder if I will ever find a good boot lid. Around 2 yrs ago my girl got caught in a bad hail storm.. I have replaced most of the panels , so just the roof needed some repairs. Until recently didn't look half bad. now the damn roller door spring decided to snap and the door came down on the boot lid needless to say I was then ! So after one white, straight good paint bootlid... in QLD.
  8. Ok , so after my old girl got a beating in a hailstorm a couple of years back , I garaged her for a while.. totally Peed about it. gradually been replacing the panels as I go. Was all good until I backed her up to start it.. and the damn garage door spring broke , bringing it down on my boot lid.. arrrggghhhhh REALLY??!! So now im replacing the boot lid again ... any about ? SV21 sedan white , must be white and paint in good nick. Bare is ok, will strip my own taillights badges etc for changeover.
  9. Havent seen these around for some time :o ... been pulled out of storage it seems. ;) Kind of like my old camry ... still got her and still goin'. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Rare-Toyota-2T-GU-Twin-Cam-Clyinder-Head-Excelent-Condition-A-/261298415248?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3cd6996690 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Toyota-18-RGU-Twin-Cam-Cyl-Head-Excelent-Condition-/261298353490?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3cd6987552
  10. toycam88

    3T GTEU

    We have 2 of these engines.. What would you fit it into??
  11. Did all the above. Only thing we can put it down to is maybe a cracked block or a welsh plug leak?? Anyways, we solved the problem by purchasing a complete st162 which is now the main driver. The other vehicle is for sale.. for parts or if someone wants to perservere with it.
  12. I have a set of 4 coming off my wagon soon with tyres which im replacing off a 4cyl sedan I bought to wreck/part out but I too am in BrisVegas..
  13. Cant say for certain on the kms but would be high 200 to mid 300 at a guess without the vehicle here. Cylinder head was removed and blown head gasket replaced first up. Then the "other" leaks became apparent. But yes, its far from over yet. Will have to do some more things to it till we hunt down the problem. Sons ready to set fire to it! LOL Thanks for the input, will put it to him. :)
  14. My sons Celica (3S-GE) has been giving us the right royal runaround. Overheating became a regular occurance so we troubleshot the following: Replaced Radiator Replaced leaking water Pump and backing housing Replaced corroded ended metal piping along block to water pump Replaced loosely fitting possibly incorrect radiator cap Replaced thermstadt Replaced thermatic fan relay yet it still insists on getting hot somedays and others not Anyone got any other ideas we may try? Also would like engine check light Fault code list is you have? Thanks.
  15. Geez.. I work in the motor industry and find those prices to cringe by. Im assuming they are genuine Toyota parts only not aftermarket suppliers like pedders etc for shocks?

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