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  1. i had the same issue. I asked the toyota guys during my last service. you hold down the AM button (make sure the stereo is off) and then press 1 to change the hour and 2 to change the minutes hope this helps
  2. not sure if this helps but you can give it a go... in my previous holden, all i needed to do is to stick the key into the ignition and then lock and unlock using the key 3-5 times. this then recoded the key. as i said, not sure if it works with the Toyotas but no harm in trying right?
  3. I too have the 10th Gen Corolla but I have opted for the double din Pioneer head unit (AVH-P6850). The dash is at an angle but the driving position compensates for this, so with my unit no angle adjustment is needed. I have seen those units, but the problem with them is that they do not have vga input for the computer, and the picture looks crap when connected through the normal composite plug. also, i need to be able to use the touch screen as a mouse, which those units cannot do as there is no separate USB for that. What are the main reasons why you want the head unit? If it is just for sound processing then maybe a 3Sixty. I want the sound from the computer to go through the head unit. This is primarily to control the volume while I am driving. I do not want to be taking my eyes off the road to use the touch screen to control the volume, just need to be able to reach the knob. Also, I'll be connecting the Hu to a couple of amps and a sub, which seems a lot easier than from a comp sound card. Also, a bonus the convenience of knowing that if I feel like just listening to the radio or something, I can get by without actually using the comp
  4. I have seen those units, but the problem with them is that they do not have vga input for the computer, and the picture looks crap when connected through the normal composite plug. also, i need to be able to use the touch screen as a mouse, which those units cannot do as there is no separate USB for that.
  5. just added a pic for visual aid ;)
  6. hi guys, i am putting in a carputer in my 2 month old corolla hatch. but i am faced with this issue, hope you'se can help... firstly, the screen position. I am thinking of removing the double din stereo and replacing it with a single din one. the reason being I want to be able to put in a stereo and a motorised 7" screeen in there as well my issue is that the screens that i am looking at fold out upwards. This means that if i have the screen at the bottom and the stereo on the top, then the stereo will be blocked when the screen is open (i need to be able to operate the volume etc) if i put the screen on top, then the air con vents will be blocked as they are directly above the unit. please see this pic to get a better idea so, my question there a way to do this in my car... (just need to watch the first and last 10-15 seconds)will the air con get it the way or will there be enough space? anyone tried something like this or know how much clearance there is under there?
  7. I'm not quite sure but i think you need to turn the knob when it is flashing. give it a go.
  8. Hi all, I am planning to install a car pc in my new hatchback rola and am contemplating putting an LCD screen behind the steering wheel. This screen would display all the relevant data like speed, fuel, rpm, etc among other things. B) My question is, has anyone removed their dials before? if anyone has photos, it would be very helpful. I know I'll have to fabricate some sort of enclosure to fit in the gap once i remove everything, but I'm not quite sure what is behind that area in teh dash and how much space there is etc. I'm still in the planning stages and putting together a list of all the gadgets that will be required. MODS, i know there is a forum for carputers but i felt it is a generally corolla related question, not a specific carputer related one, also the carputer forum is not that active. :D
  9. here's some pics the driver controls the rear control closeup of rear control
  10. none of that is necessary. all that is needed is to unscrew the stock aerial from the stub and screw on the cable that is underneath the shark fin. u then stick the shark fin directly above the stub with the adhesive tape provided and you're done. no need to get under the roof lining etc.
  11. hi all, i got my car three weeks ago and part of teh package i got was power windows in teh rear. i am a bit dissappointed as i was expecting a neat factory look, instead, i got small BLACK boxes for the switches in the rear attached to the door panel and switches attached to the dash next to teh mirror control for the driver controls, it is a very after market look and i just feel ripped off. mind you, i love my car, everything else is great, but this just keeps nagging me. if i wanted after market looks, i could have got it cheaper getting them after market. well, my question is, anyone else get this option? how did your car turn out? is it the same for the conquest and levin that have these as stnadard (i hope not) if i take it back, do u think they can fix this issue?
  12. ok, here's an update. I dont think i made myself too clear now that i've gone back and read it for the first question, i know that there are systems available with teh usb function, my isuue is that I don't want something that expensive. is there any way to use modify dvd head units to perform teh same tasks. hope this makes sense
  13. Hi all, I am just about to embark on the car pc journey, and am very excited. It is going to be a slow "when time permits" project so we'll see how it goes. I have a few questions to pick your brains. I have tried searching and googling but nothing seemed to jump out. May be I was just trying the wrong phrases NEway, here goes... 1. Is it possible to use an in dash dvd player to act as an external drive for the pc? Anyone done something like this?? WHat I'm planning is to install teh pc in the boot and just using the dvd drive via a long usb cable, is this feasible? 2. Is it best to connect the pc to the amp or to go through the head unit via aux inputs. I wanted to go with the second option as i'd like to control the volume etc through the headunit and it makes things easier as that is already all hooked up to the amp, sub etc. it would also save me the trouble of having 2 x inputs etc for teh amp. 3. ANyone using Centrafuse? I've tried the demo version and am pretty happy with it. But it would be good to get some input from others that are using it day to day. Also, does teh gps in there have voice guided functions and voice commands? I can't use the demo version gps function as it have germany and us maps. I'd really appreciate your input here guys. This is the first time i'm daring something like this. Any tips or advice or constructive criticism also very welcome Cheers
  14. Surely a courtesy message or email would be in order. Of course no one will know me yet since this is a virtual community and I've only been a member for a couple of months adn haven't been to any meets yet. Only had my car for like three weeks. There are better ways to approach this than to lock out the thread. The buy could have been offered to some other more known or trusted member to take up. This kind of behavior just makes new comers feel unwelcome. It is understandable that certain measures have to be taken to prevent fraud etc, but u need to have the right approach.
  15. Hi all, This is just a quick note to all who replied and were interested in the group buy for the shark fin antenna. This is no longer going ahead as the thread has been locked by the moderators as I have not been a member for at least a year and do not have 500 posts to my credit. I guess we'll all just need to get ours individually from the site, unless someone from the 78 eligible members out of the nearly 6000 want to take up the group buy. Thanks