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  1. kolourhero v3.

    Thanks mate! It's gone through a full an IS350 conversion so it definitely has more grunt
  2. kolourhero v3.

    Hey guys, It's been a very long time since I've logged in and gave an update. I've still got my Lexus after all these years. It's gone through a big transformation, and lots has been done. Anyway, just wanted to say hi, and would be good to meet up with some of the old school members that are still around!
  3. Can i enter my is250 into the show and shine? :P
  4. kolourhero v3.

    :) Yes it is Peter! Need wheels now ;) :)

    Very nice John! I like the black/silver theme going on :)
  6. kolourhero v3.

    In time. I'm just trying to be patient getting the right set :) But seriously, I can't wait. Haha thanks mate :) I've been lurking there for a while now!
  7. kolourhero v3.

    It's vinyl wrap guys. I ripped the roof spoiler off because I didn't like the look of the white on there.. Didn't flow very nicely. Black one is on it's way :)
  8. kolourhero v3.

    Finally an update! ;) Nice sunny day, so I thought I'd take a few quick snaps.
  9. 4stud 14" rims for sale VIC

    I messaged u and I get a reply for wrong number?
  10. kolourhero v3.

    Very close Trung! :) Thanks!
  11. kolourhero v3.

    They will come next year some time :) Missed white - Best colour! The speed transition from the VII to the IS250 is almost non-existant
  12. kolourhero v3.

    Thanks mate! Hey Lee! Long time, long time.. Thanks, Definitely an upgrade in my eyes too in terms of styling and comfort! For shoes, I'm pretty set with something already, but I justified with the missus that I'll get them when my current tyres are close to needing a replacement ;) :) BEFORE: AFTER:
  13. kolourhero v3.

    It's a boring but comfortable ride Peter. Let's do a carwash meet soon :) A spoiler or two..

    Nice set of Garax Bulbs! I've got the same set waiting to be installed :)
  15. kolourhero v3.

    The next thing that was done was a much needed tint. Went to get my car battery changed, and while I was at the dealership I thought I'd get a set of window visors put on as well :)