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  1. Can anyone tell me how many amps an 08 Kluger Grande alternator is? Thanks
  2. I've been running the JTG system for over 40,000k's now, you wouldn't even know it is runing on gas and it's seamless when switching from gas to petrol.
  3. I had to repace my tyres at 36,800 k as the edges were badly worn but not the centres. I very regularly checked the pressures in them. The new Bridgestones have done just under 10,000k and show bad signs of feathering on the edge once again, despite being rotated, balanced and wheel align done at 5,000 k's and due again. Went back to Bob Jane where I bought them from yesterday and was told that was 'normal' wear and to keep up the rotations etc and that 36,000 k out of my old ones was doing well and the new ones were doing 'well' also despite the feathering edges. So 1 year out of 4 x $400 ty
  4. Hit a roo dead centre with mine, had braked, but still hit the roo pretty hard, threw the roo forward and hit it again, not a mark on the car or nudge bar, saved me a messed up front panel I'm sure.
  5. Only one edge is scrubbing on both the new and the old tyres and I run the tyres at 38 psi, on the previous tyres I found 40 wears the very centre. Had a wheel alignment when the new tyres were fitted 3,000 k's ago.
  6. Just put 4 new Bridgestones on my AWD Grande 4 wks ago, have done around 3,000 k's on them and they are showing signs of edge scrubbing already. Is there a fix for this problem? The old Bridgestones were replaced at 36,500k's and had tread in the centre but the edges were bald. Tyres were rotated regularly and wheel alignments done.
  7. Cookie

    19" tyres

    36,000 k's and my tyres need replacing. I've done a bit of a search and found some have fitted Toyo Open Country's instead of the OEM Bridgestones, is there any other tyre that will fit on the OEM rims other than the 2 mentioned? Any feedback on the Toyo's or prices? I'm not real impressed with the wear of the Duelers or the price.... Thanks
  8. Anyone priced these yet? I could be interested......
  9. Cookie

    bigger wheels

    How much for the springs? Any more feedback and pics on the springs? I wouldn't mind raising mine as it doesn't really have much ground clearance. Thanks
  10. I wonder if that is true? I was thinking of getting some, I also think that the high beam is not that great, but perhaps that is because of the height of the lights and less reflection off things on the side of the road? Did you get yours from toyota or aftermarket? Got them from Toyota.
  11. Any idea if the light output is better than OEM? I find my low beam is very poor, to the point that passengers will often ask if I have my lights on. I have headlight protecters, would this affect light output?
  12. A car seat cover stall at Paddy's Markets, Homebush, Sydney will custom make a set for the front 2 rows, may even have them ready made. A friend and I both bought a set about a year ago, can't remember how much but wasn't a lot.
  13. Cookie

    Gas Conversion

    What symptoms do the air fuel sensors, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters show when they are faulty?
  14. I'd be interested in one of those also.......any info appreciated.

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